Plan with visualizations in real time

Create or upload a floor plan simulation. ezWiFi Planner intelligently places access points with heatmaps of Wi-Fi coverage and generates customized reports for you.

The intuitive web-based Wi-Fi planning tool

EnGenius ezWiFi Planner is an easy-to-use tool to simplify wireless network deployment. Its automated intelligent advisor scans your floor plan and places Wi-Fi access points at optimal locations, using heatmaps to simulate your important coverage areas. After creating your plan, it will generate customized reports for actionable deployment results.

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Visualize Your Network Plan

Upload your floor plan and begin modeling your project. Mark coverage and exclusion zones, designate areas by type (office, elevator, etc.) and add building materials (metal doors, concrete walls, etc.) to design a network optimized to overcome potential coverage obstacles.

Calculated Design & & Intelligent Planning

Designed for indoor area coverage and outdoor point-to-point connectivity, the ezWiFi Planner algorithms intelligently calculate coverage for optimal access point placement, and auto-adjust to comply with your region’s local Wi-Fi channel regulations. Color-coded heatmaps visualize the placement and signal strength of each access point to create a concrete plan.

Data-Driven Reporting for Successful Proposals

Create a positive first impression for your clients. The ezWiFi Planner generates customizable reports to include floor plan overviews, AP placement location, access point model data, and signal coverage scenarios.

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