Network management from anywhere.
Gain rapid insights into network trends and prevent threats with rogue AP detection with cloud-based tools.

Complete Scalability

Start small and grow, control on office network or multiple networks in separate buildings. Expand and easily see you, devices across town, states or the country.

Deployment Options & Unlimited Flexibility

EnGenius hardware and ezMaster network management software combine to add flexibility and management simplicity when you need it.

Device groupings for quick setup, configuration, and monitoring

ezMaster network management software empowers you to easily set-up and maintain multiple customer sites, saving time, minimizing truck rolls, and reducing operations costs​.

Rich Reporting & Analytics


Give you at-a-glance insights into your networks’ status and provides you with the ability to drill down to problematic locations of switches, access points and client devices.

Statistics View​

Provide real-time and historical visibility of traffic flow. Pinpoint and address potential problems before they affect users with invaluable reporting, analytics, and real-time monitoring tools.

Topology View

Automatically mop the network deployment and display the relationship of devices. Show you how all access points are physically connected to the switches.

Floor Plan

Allow you to upload floor plans and drop markers that represent the correct locations of access points in real world.

Map View​

For quickly locating in larger and multi-site deployments. Show the geographical locations of the access points and controllers.

Wireless Coverage Display

Indicate the coverage of indoor access points for Wi-Fi planning and display the reference signal strength covered.


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