Nov 1

EnGenius Fit: The Simplest, Most Secure Wi-Fi Solution for Your Small Business

engenius fit

Looking for a simple, secure, and easy-to-use Wi-Fi solution for your small business? Look no further than EnGenius Fit. This brand new intuitive system makes it easy to manage your network, even without an IT team. Plus, our advanced security features help keep your data safe and your customers connected.

Let’s face it. It’s complicated enough running a small business. You don’t want a complicated Wi-Fi solution that takes forever to set up and is difficult to manage.

As a small business owner, you work hard to provide the best service to your customers while growing your business. The last thing you need is sub-standard Wi-Fi. Yet many business owners struggle constantly with dropped connections, slow speeds, and data breaches—all the while wondering if there’s a solution built just for them.

Now, there is.

Lightning-Fast, Secure Setup

EnGenius Fit is unlike any solution you’ve ever seen. It’s the smartest most affordable Wi-Fi solution yet for small businesses. Simple and secure, this new family of access points and switches was built to thoroughly streamline the deployment process while providing enterprise-level security and reliability.

Easy Onsite and Remote Management

EnGenius Fit was designed specifically for small businesses with no IT team. Anyone can do it. There is no complexity at all—just the visibility, control, and insights that allow you to make solid business decisions confidently. It’s easy and fast to set up. EnGenius Fit can be managed effortlessly through a FitExpress cloud-based mobile app or web interface no matter your level of network knowledge.

Multiple Management Options

And for slightly larger companies with an IT pro on staff, we offer more management options—a local portal, ideal for examining deep-level analytics on any device, or a plug-n-play network controller with pre-installed software, allowing you to set up a on-premises network management infrastructure.

It’s entirely up to you.

New Devices to Build Your Own Solution

The interface is flexible and user-friendly, while providing comprehensive, information-rich business insights. You can select any combination of (2) access points and (1) switch to complete your cost-conscious Fit solution. Contact us for more information about these brand-new devices.

Every time you invest in an upgrade, you expect greater efficiency, more reliability, and all the increased revenues that are bound to pour in from a smoothly functioning network.

EnGenius Fit delivers.

Contact us to learn more about EnGenius Fit!

Sep 29

Introducing Our Unified Cloud Solution: The Perfect Option for Enterprise

Unified Cloud Solution

More than 90 percent of organizations today want a unified cloud platform to manage enterprise data, ensure network privacy and security, and provide agility as they expand. It helps to have compatible network equipment instead of disparate devices that each come with its own learning curve. The most successful IT teams are those that can devote their time to maintaining and upgrading company assets, testing new technology, and moving the company forward—not constantly putting out fires.

The business landscape is changing by necessity—remote, hybrid, and onsite work combined with expanding global business locations require always-on, always available network resources. In response, EnGenius has released its first enterprise-level security gateway—allowing big companies to build an entire cloud-managed network solution through one reliable vendor.

The modernized cloud solution includes the new EnGenius Security Gateway and new security access points that scan for threats 24/7. In addition, heightened security features and deep-level cloud management options make the new EnGenius Cloud the perfect solution for enterprise.

Fast Setup and Easy Cloud Management

The EnGenius Security Gateway is a high-powered router that is easy to set up and deploy. Simply scan the QR code on the back of each device, and EnGenius Cloud will register and configure the device automatically or according to admin preferences.

The security gateway and your end-to-end EnGenius network can also be centrally managed from absolutely anywhere with the EnGenius cloud user interface or Cloud To-Go mobile app. The security gateway gives you everything you need under a single pane of glass. The cloud interface allows users to view and manage a network where each device—access points, switches, and gateways—can be explored for more granular visibility and options.

Uninterrupted Connection

The dual WAN ports are capable of highly efficient load-balancing when one port is overworked, increasing overall WAN bandwidth. The gateway also features redundant WAN link and cellular failover, automatically switching itself to a backup WAN or 4G/5G network in case the WAN uplink fails, keeping you connected at all times.

EnGenius Cloud also continually monitors the VPN connection between EnGenius gateways and will automatically update related VPN parameters to all peers while maintaining continuous VPN connection even in the case of WAN IP address reassignment or forwarding port changes. It’s automatic.

High Performance WAN and LAN Ports

The security gateway has two WAN and two LAN ports capable of up to 2.5G speeds, which is more than double the speed of most gateways on the market today. The gateway has high-speed Ethernet connection and is designed with a high inline, 2.5Gbps architecture for lightning-fast uplink and downlink transmissions—including maximum firewall throughput up to 2.35Gbps.

Site-To-Site and Client VPN

Creating a virtual network for distributed office locations and remote workers couldn’t be easier. The EnGenius Security Gateway features site-to-site and client VPN that can be activated in a few clicks without the hassle of configuring a multitude of VPN parameters. This important feature allows businesses to create secure, private connections for communication and remote work from anywhere.

High-Efficiency Stateful Firewall

The EnGenius Security Gateway has a stateful firewall with maximum throughput up to 2.35Gbps while quickly blocking the types of attacks that exploit protocol vulnerabilities. The stateful firewall integrates corporate security policies and real-time filtering of malicious internet traffic.

Security Access Points with 24/7 Monitoring

EnGenius cloud-managed security access points are ideal for information-sensitive financial, medical, and distributed networks. They come equipped with EnGenius AirGuard™, an intelligent wireless security system that identifies and eliminates intrusions and threats 24/7 while providing client devices with maximum performance.

Using dedicated scanning radios, AirGuard™ security APs continuously scan the environment for threats 24/7 without degrading network speed. Every enterprise-level business with highly sensitive data should have security APs to keep their workforce safe every second of the day. Businesses suffer serious loss of reputation when a data breach occurs. Don’t let this happen to you.

Advanced Cloud Management Features

For enterprise class networks, EnGenius has newly-developed, advanced features perfect for dense, multi-user networks requiring an extra level of monitoring and protection.

While it’s just the tip of the iceberg, EnGenius Cloud advanced features come with AirGuard 24/7 security threat scanning, spectrum analysis, client timeline, live client, MyPSK, VLAN pooling, customized network reports, and exposure analysis—tools that make the management of any size networks much easier. And, as is typical of EnGenius technology, it all comes with the ease-of-use customers have come to expect from us.

Give Us a Try

For the first time ever, EnGenius offers a total cloud solution for all businesses—especially enterprise-level organizations—that makes installation, configuration, and management a snap. It comes with the most advanced network technology, simplicity, and security you need for modest to massive communication needs.

Contact us to learn more about what we have to offer!

Sep 7

Keep Your Workforce Securely Connected with Client and Site-to-Site VPN

site to site vpn

Today, more companies are choosing remote and hybrid work options, allowing employees to access company resources from their home, office, or remote branch locations. Accessing business-critical servers, applications, and databases is important—but the security of data transmissions is equally important. Client VPN and site-to-site VPN provide it.

Smaller companies might only need client VPN while larger companies are more likely to need site-to-site. The idea is to replicate for users the experience of being in the office with seamless, secure access to all of the resources there.

What are virtual private networks (VPNs)?

VPNs establish an encrypted tunnel over the internet between two endpoints. Ideally, data sent through the tunnel cannot be intercepted in transit. The data is encrypted upon sending and decrypted upon delivery. The biggest difference between client and site-to-site VPN is the type of endpoint being connected.

How does client VPN work?

With client VPN, travelers, at-home workers, and mobile users can use an internet connection to tap into company resources that are on the network using their own devices like laptops and mobile phones. This is especially helpful if you’re using public Wi-Fi from a coffee shop, your home, a hotel room, or other remote location where you aren’t sure if someone is snooping.

How does site-to-site VPN work?

Site-to-site VPN connects entire networks to each other. They send and receive normal TCP/IP traffic through a VPN gateway, which again can be pre-installed with VPN software. Often, site-to-site VPN can connect global branch offices to corporate headquarters.

Generally speaking, companies with only remote workers can function quite well—and affordably—using client VPN. However, site-to-site VPN works better for distributed networks at multiple locations for enterprise-level companies with more money to spend.

How complicated is VPN setup?

VPN setup can be very complicated because of the numerous parameter configurations—VPN name, public WAN IP, private subnets, IKE version, IPsec policy, phase 1&2 encryption settings, and so on.

However, EnGenius has recently released a new security gateway, which features site-to-site and client VPN that can be activated in a few clicks, allowing businesses to create secure, private connections instantly.

How secure is a VPN?

It’s a fact that no security tool is one hundred percent foolproof. With VPNs, many companies worry about how secure their sensitive data is even via an ostensibly secure tunnel that delivers encrypted transmissions over the internet. However, new VPN protocols have made the technology much stronger in recent decades.

The EnGenius gateway uses the IPsec protocol, which uses encryption keys as well as multiple packet headers and trailers to encrypt and authenticate the data. IPsec also uses more secure UDP (user datagram protocol) instead of TCP to get data through firewalls. In the latter case, TCP sets up dedicated connections that can make your network slightly less secure. UDP is better.

Companies that add two-factor authentication can make this already airtight encryption protocol even more secure.

How reliable is the connection?

EnGenius Cloud has important features that ensure continuous connection even when things go wrong. For example, if a construction crew accidentally severs the fiber cable connecting a business to its ISP service, the gateway can maintain failover connection one of two ways: (1) through the second WAN port connected to a separate ISP, which can be considerably expensive, or (2) through a 4G/5G dongle plug-in that will maintain the connection wirelessly.

Are you ready for client and site-to-site VPN functionality?

If you are interested in learning more about our EnGenius Security Gateway, please contact us to see if our gateway can meet your VPN needs. Our end-to-end network solution unifies the management of gateways, access points, and switches through a single vendor.

Give us a try.

Jul 27

Yes, You Can Have Durable, Long-Range Phone and Two-Way Radio Communication With Your Current Phone System!

Long-Range Phone and Two-Way Radio

Putting up with lousy phone equipment but don’t want to replace your current phone system? If the complaints below sound familiar, we have the solution:

• “I can’t reach him when he’s in the warehouse.”
• “I’ve tried her phone, but she must be away from her desk.”
• “He could be out back, but the phone signal won’t reach there.”
• “How come she’s not on the store floor?” “Oh, she’s expecting a call, so she needs to stay in her office.”

These problems are entirely unnecessary. Businesses rely on rapid, efficient communication no matter where employees are on the grounds so that projects can be completed, customer service delivered, and tons of money made. When phone systems aren’t working properly, it can be mildly annoying to downright infuriating. Oh, and the lost sales aren’t nice either.

Business owners have no time for dropped calls, lost signals, and sketchy reception. In an attempt to remedy the situation, sometimes they will try DECT or Wi-Fi phones, but the former often doesn’t have enough coverage and the latter slows down the data network.

That’s where EnGenius long-range voice communications come in. For more than twenty years, EnGenius’s claim to fame has been its voice solution—ideal for all kinds of massive properties like retail stores, warehouses, manufacturing plants, hotels, and assisted living facilities. You can even use this solution behind your current hosted or IP-PBX service.

The question is, why does it work so well? Here’s why.


The most important feature for large footprint facilities is range. Long-range wireless communications allow users to roam about the property to areas other cordless devices simply can’t reach—trash bins, parking lots, gas pumps, and delivery areas. EnGenius phones use the 900 MHz spectrum versus DECT or Wi-Fi which, as mentioned before, suffer from insufficient range and interference. Specifically, the EnGenius DuraFon Roam is capable of the following ranges:

• 200,000 sq. ft. or 24 floors in-building (office) penetration
• 1,000,000 sq. ft. in warehouse/retail store
• 3,000 acres open land (farm/ranch) coverage

The DuraFon Roam also gives the advantage of range with minimal infrastructure in an unlicensed frequency band. No FCC two-way radio license is required, yet full, private communication capability is all yours.


Businesses with demanding environments require durable handsets able to withstand the abuse many consumer grade handsets can’t handle. Specifically, the DuraFon Roam’s durable, rugged handset is designed for use in harsh environments and tested to withstand 6-foot drops over 50 times onto concrete floor without breaking. This isn’t your typical handset!


DuraFon Roam handsets are also insanely fast and easy to learn. Basic operation videos are available online to bring your new hires up to speed quickly. In addition to ease of use, the DuraFon Roam can handle power outages as well as remote monitoring and updates.

Power outage communication is available between handsets allowing for broadcast and intercom radio communication between handsets even if the power or internet service goes down.

In addition, the management GUI of the DuraFon Roam allows for the system to be rebooted, firmware updated, new handsets registered, and extensive reporting/management completed in a snap. Remote access for management, monitoring, and updating of DuraFon Roam equipment is free via EnGenius Cloud—saving on truck rolls to remote locations.


These functions make the DuraFon Roam the choice for demanding business environments. Below is a sampling of our hottest technical features:

• The DuraFon Roam-HC handset is capable of phone calls, digital two-way radio broadcast, and private intercom.
• DuraFon Roam uses standard SIP protocol and can be used behind virtually any Hosted SIP service or with an onsite IP-PBX.
• Digital broadcast communication is available to all handsets or just a sub-group of handsets on 900 MHz, no FCC licensed required.
• A secure private wireless protocol prevents nearby FRS, UHF, or VHF radios from listening in or talking over your communications.
• Private intercom between handsets means telephone-style communications can take place between pairs of handsets.
• Phone calls can even be transferred from DuraFon Roam full-feature handsets and the DuraFon Roam-Walkie (two-way radio only) handsets.

It’s time to get some relief from the maddening disruption, disconnection, and dismay of your old phone equipment. Pave the way for better communications and higher profits with the EnGenius DuraFon Roam phone system. Contact us to learn more or see if you qualify for a DuraFon Roam Starter Kit!

Jul 11

7 Tips to Strengthen, Supplement, and Secure Your Business Network Firewall

Every business network should have a well-configured firewall as part of its cybersecurity strategy. However, it’s risky to rely solely on an external firewall to protect your resources against all cyber threats. Firewalls are effective but not the end-all in network security. Below are some tips on how to strengthen and secure your firewall as well as create a security architecture that makes the most of it.

Set Exclusive Firewall Configuration Rules

It’s best to configure a firewall to block ALL traffic to a network by default. Then, rules can be established about which users and devices are allowed access. In creating a firewall rules base, it is also important to restrict authorizations and eliminate redundant, contradictory, and obsolete rules. This will streamline traffic and reduce unnecessary delays.

Incorporate Internal Firewalls

The external or “perimeter” firewall protects a network against outside threats but not against internal threats. Businesses need a second line of defense within the network, which involves adding “internal” firewalls to network devices like laptops, computers, and servers and setting them to scan for threats each time they are rebooted. Furthermore, companies should have security protocols and training required of all employees to prevent virus and malware access through intentional or accidental downloading of files or clicking of links.

Use Security Access Points

Security access points (APs) are ideal for protecting the airspace in information-sensitive financial, medical, and distributed networks because they continuously scan the Wi-Fi environment for threats. EnGenius Wi-Fi 6 security access points come equipped with an intelligent wireless security system called EnGenius AirGuard™ (WIPS/WIDS) that identifies and eliminates intrusions and threats 24/7 while providing client devices with maximum performance.

Learn more about our 24/7 security access points with EnGenius AirGuard!

Establish Independent SSIDs and VLANs

It might be enough for small businesses like coffee shops and salons to create separate and simple business and guest networks. But for medium-size to enterprise-level companies, isolated SSIDs and VLANs are essential. When you divide up isolated networks or departments within a company into separate SSIDs and VLANs with partitioned assets, you prevent the entire network from being affected by a single attack.

There are some tips to keep in mind when establishing your SSIDs and VLANs:

1  Don’t make the names of your SSIDs so complicated that any variation on the text could be overlooked.
Hackers often create spoof SSIDs in order to trick staff and guests to connect to their network instead of the valid one.

2  Use pre-shared keys to authorize very large groups of users over a network.
Tools like MyPSK by EnGenius are designed to expedite the authorization process by creating and assigning PSKs instantly to groups of fifty users at a time (up to 500 on the same SSID). You can set expiration dates on the keys (for example, students and tenants) and allocate resources to certain users depending on their status.

3  VLAN pooling breaks a single network into separate virtual networks (VLANs) to reduce traffic.
There are two key benefits: Not only can each user access and navigate the network faster, but they could also theoretically wander between buildings (on a large college campus, for example) and still maintain a connection with their original VLAN and IP address. Since users are kept on the same VLAN with the same IP address, roaming and the user experience are greatly improved.

Read more about VLAN pooling for heavy network traffic and MyPSK for efficient network access.

Establish Security Patch Management Schedule & Software Updates

Firewall vendors work overtime to provide security patches whenever vulnerabilities are discovered. But it’s up to each business to make sure the patches are applied in a regular, systematic manner. Your IT team should set up a frequent patch management schedule to make sure all current patches have been applied to the network.

To demonstrate how important this is, hackers often create scanning software that attempts to find vulnerabilities in a business network. Once they find a weakness, they will continue to scan over and over again to find more. On the upside, hackers know better than to share the vulnerabilities with others because, the more attacks against a business network, the more likely security vendors will be alerted, and a patch created. On the downside, hackers who don’t share network vulnerabilities will go undetected longer.

Don’t Forget Deep Packet Inspection

SMBs usually don’t need the highly sophisticated firewalls that enterprise businesses do. “Next-gen” firewalls are designed for the enterprise space and are usually priced higher than other firewalls. However, they provide far more than traditional functionality including intrusion detection/prevention systems (IDS/IPS), deep packet inspection, advanced threat intelligence, malware scanning, and protocol monitoring from data link Layer 2 all the way through application Layer 7. Because larger enterprises tend to be the target of DDoS and other types of persistent attacks, the next-gen firewall can provide the protection they need.

Use Common Sense

Don’t pretend that adding a firewall or other security device to your network is going to keep it 100 percent safe. Business network security consists of a multitude of measures taken in concert with one another—use a combination of internal and external firewalls, create separate VLANs, partition the network, check for patches, and establish security protocols that every employee must follow.

Firewalls are essential for any network connected to the internet. But they must be used as part of a larger cybersecurity strategy to safeguard your business. Ultimately, if you have information that absolutely must be hidden from all prying eyes, it shouldn’t be connected to the internet at all. The irony is that the most sensitive information your company possesses ought to be stored on an isolated device that doesn’t have—or even need—a firewall at all.

May 31

Best Kept Success Secret for SMBs is Their Cordless Phone. No, Really!

Cordless Phone

Diverse case studies from the leader in industrial cordless voice communications tell success stories and introduce a brand new phone—the elegant FreeStyl SIP2!

Businesses rely heavily upon voice communications for both external and internal calls to keep things running smoothly and efficiently. But, in larger more demanding environments, communication failures can cause unending frustration and reduced productivity.

For over twenty-years, EnGenius has manufactured long-range and reliable cordless communication systems for large and demanding environments. Their less-than well-known systems are insisted on by industry players in the know. Strong EnGenius system attributes drive these markets to choose EnGenius again and again.

What We Have to Offer

EnGenius offers two lines of communications systems: DuraFon and FreeStyl. Both lines have attributes in common including long-range wireless phone communications using 900 MHz, built-in digital two-way radio broadcast, and private handset-to-handset intercom.

As its name suggests, the DuraFon line is durable and provides long-range communications for the most extreme environments. The FreeStyl line (with the new FreeStyl SIP) also provides incredible coverage all from a sleek and stylish carry-away handset.

Both lines operate wirelessly on 900 MHz, allowing the signal to outperform higher frequencies and not use or interfere with valuable Wi-Fi bandwidth.

EnGenius interviewed some of its small business clients across the country and asked them how well EnGenius solved their long-range phone and two-way radio needs.

Here’s what they had to say.

Peter Boisvert: Market Basket Grocery Store, New Hampshire

Market Basket Grocery had a worn-out phone system with inadequate coverage, poor range, and constant device breakdowns. Furthermore, the chain had trouble getting replacement parts and batteries for the phones. They already knew they wanted EnGenius phones and asked NETS New England to do the install.

NNE installed the DuraFon SIP system, which worked so well, the chain decided to have it installed in an additional 45 new and existing stores.

The DuraFon-SIP system easily covers up to 250,000 square feet—more than adequate to cover the 80,000 square foot stores. Its handset is also tested to endure over 50 falls onto concrete floors without breaking.

Boisvert raved about the ease of installation.

“The SIPs are very simple to install. Once they’re configured, it’s really just a matter of plugging into the network. We put the base stations in the network closet, and we’re getting good range throughout the store,” he said.

The DuraFon SIP’s scalability was another strong selling point.

“One of the best things about the SIP system is that you can run so many handsets off of the one base, added Boisvert. “You can add a lot of phones to an older store without wiring, so I see that as a real benefit.”

Bryan Nelson, Owner: Blacksmith Inn on the Shore, Baileys Harbor, WI

Blacksmith Inn had installed a cordless phone system over twenty years ago to work with its existing PBX system. However, they began to experience interference after installing a Wi-Fi network.

In addition, the phones didn’t have enough range to cover the whole 2.5-acre property.

Bryan Nelson, owner and innkeeper of Blacksmith Inn, tried a variety of consumer-grade cordless phones, but none of them could do the job. He contacted the company that installed the PBX system, but their solution would have cost a whopping $5000—well outside his budget.

Nelson explained that his search ended soon after. “I did a search for long-range cordless phone, found EnGenius DuraFon 1X, and decided to give it a try, ”Nelson explained.

Nelson knew that the DuraFon would be unaffected by the Wi-Fi network since it operated on the 900 MHz band. Nelson was also impressed by DuraFon’s two-way intercom, a feature his previous system lacked.

“Our property has a lot of nooks and crannies so the ability for our staff members to move around the property and still be able locate each other—is critical,” Nelson said.

According to Nelson, the DuraFon system has delivered everything he was looking for in a cordless telephone system—reliability, extended range, clarity, and cost savings. “These phones are just plain reliable,” said Nelson. “It’s like they were made for the military. It’s amazing.”

Greg Raymer, Director of Finance: Leiden Cabinet Company, Twinsburg, OH

According to Director of Finance, Greg Raymer, Leiden Cabinet Company’s consumer-grade cordless phone system was trouble from the start. The phones did not perform well—providing bad call quality, lack of coverage, and poor durability.

Leiden’s manufacturing plant covers 210,000 square feet. They needed a new phone system that delivered both reliability and durability to support operations in a harsh manufacturing environment.

“Users spend most of their time on the shop floor, which has a large number of machines including saws, CNCs, and power tools,” Raymer said. “We operate a wood shop, so it is a dusty environment. The shop has high 30-foot ceilings and multiple pallet shelving and storage racks which may cause interference.”

After contacting their telephone vendor, Big Ohio LLC, Leiden Cabinet decided to install the DuraFon PRO long-range multi-line expandable and DuraFon 1X long-range industrial cordless phone systems. The wireless handsets gave employees the freedom to roam throughout the premises and beyond without losing touch.

According to Raymer, the easy deployment and reliability of DuraFon was worlds better than their previous system.

Keith Millard, Manager: Mike Perry Chrysler Jeep Dodge, Nacogdoches, TX

Mike Perry Chrysler Jeep Dodge had been using an inexpensive long-range cordless phone that provided a fairly acceptable range, but spotty communication.

Keith Millard, used car manager, noted that the unreliable system had a negative impact on customer service.

“Customers and staff need to be able to get a hold of me at all times,” he explained. “Customers don’t want to leave a voicemail message when they call. To provide the best customer service, I need to be able to take their calls, whenever they call, from wherever I am during the workday.”

The full-service dealership in Nacogdoches, which includes a large parts department, body shop and service center, spans approximately 30 acres.

“I’m moving around the business a lot,” Millard explained. “Whether I’m in the warehouse, around the dealership or out on a test drive, I need to be able to get my phone calls.”

After extensive research, Millard found the EnGenius DuraFon 1X cordless business telephone system to be the ideal solution with its longer range, better reliability, and increased call clarity.

Millard boasts about the performance of the DuraFon 1X system: “I couldn’t do my job without it. I’m constantly moving around the property and appraising vehicles, driving them around the property and off-site. It’s critical that I be able to make and receive all of my calls no matter where I am. When I’m in the cars, I can’t even hear a page. With the DuraFon, I can drive within a mile or two radius, and I know I won’t miss a call.”

“The DuraFon is a more durable product and provides much better quality, clarity, and range than our previous phone system,” Millard explained.

He has no regrets about the deployment of the system. “It’s a pretty easy sell once people realize what this phone can do for them.”

EnGenius Technologies Always Innovating

As these stories illustrate, the range and durability of EnGenius phone systems and handsets is unequaled. But excellence has not stopped the manufacturer from pursuing innovation, including its recently released FreeStyl SIP and DuraFon Roam.

“The FreeStyl SIP brings together our renown, long-range, voice communications technology and the benefits of SIP protocol to our popular carry-away category of voice products,” says Doug Hayter, senior product marketing manager of EnGenius voice communications.

“For the first time, SMBs, hotels, libraries, and other large environments can have long-range voice coverage for their employees in a sleek carry-away style handset for phone, two-way radio broadcast, and private intercom—which uses SIP protocol without taking up valuable Wi-Fi bandwidth. That changes the game!”

The DuraFon Roam brings a number of innovations to the DuraFon industrial voice SIP line. This system brings the ability to have calls handed-off between base units as a handset is moved between base unit coverage areas. Additionally, the DuraFon Roam allows for up to 90 handsets with 32 SIP accounts verses 10 handsets with 10 SIP account of the DuraFon SIP system. The DuraFon Roam integrates the ability to enable broadcast to other handsets via the base units without a specialty base.

All the EnGenius SIP models use 900 MHz for their wireless connectivity allowing the Wi-Fi frequencies to be used for data devices and not voice.

Are you ready to change YOUR game? Contact us and solve your phone problems for good.