Campground WiFi Case Study

Anaheim RV Village - Anaheim, CA

Outdoor Bridges and Access Points
Located in the heart of Orange County, California, Anaheim RV Village is a 12-acre RV park located next to the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim. As the largest RV park in the city, the full-service Anaheim RV Village is a self-contained community that features 293 sites, a lounge/family center, convenience store, playground, pool and spa, laundry facilities, a large barbeque area, an RV wash station, on-site propane, and full hook-up parking for a variety of travel trailers through Class-A RVs.

The Need: Fast, Reliable Wi-Fi Access for Guests Throughout Anaheim’s Largest RV Park

High-speed wireless Internet access for guests is offered as a valued-added amenity differentiating the Anaheim RV Village from other surrounding RV parks. The ability to provide fast speeds and total coverage across the property is key to keeping guests connected through iPads, laptops, smartphones, and other Wi-Fi enabled devices.

Keith Maxwell, IT consultant for the Anaheim RV Village, explained that the existing wireless network infrastructure, which utilized by HP ProCurve access points and a customized box by BlueMesh, didn’t provide the reliability, performance or coverage needed to deliver satisfactory Wi-Fi service for RV park guests. The Wi-Fi signal was unable to penetrate through multiple recreational vehicles, limiting the effective range of the network and leaving guests on the outskirts of the property without wireless access.

Maxwell explained that the problem was further exacerbated by the fact that the 2.4GHz spectrum in the resort-saturated area is completely overloaded, so interference issues made it difficult for users to access ANY wireless network in the area.

The Solution: EnGenius Long-Range Wireless Access Points and Bridges

Maxwell’s search for a new wireless network solution led him to EnGenius. “Through my research, I found a wooded RV park that had deployed the EnGenius products and stated they haven’t found anything better for penetration strength,” explained Maxwell.

Maxwell decided to give the EnGenius products a shot. “The affordable price point allowed me to experiment,” Maxwell said. “I was able to purchase four units out of my own pocket and experiment before I sold them to the park.”
Maxwell quickly realized the value of the EnGenius access points. “The EnGenius products are by far the most powerful and the best fit device that I’ve been able to find, even when compared to Colubris, Meraki and certain Cisco devices.”
To ensure maximum coverage throughout the RV park, Maxwell deployed EnGenius’ EOA7530 802.11a/b/g dual-radio AP, providing backhaul over the 5GHz band, and ENH200 business-class outdoor access point to deliver 2.4GHz Wi-Fi access throughout the RV Village.

The Results: A Reliable Network Providing Connectivity All RV Village Guests

The EnGenius wireless network infrastructure deployment delivered reliable, high-performance network access to guests throughout the RV Village.

In addition to the range delivered by the EnGenius solution, Maxwell noted that ability of the products to support a dense user environment and an extreme level of sensitivity made the access points particularly well-suited to this deployment.

“The EnGenius access points have more memory and seem to be able to handle a denser amount of traffic than do other commercial offerings,” explained Maxwell.

“Because the EnGenius products enable such command over the ability to set a specific dBm, I was able to keep the noise floor of the EnGenius access points at roughly -90 or -95 dBm,” said Maxwell. “When using Colubris, Meraki, or BlueMesh products, the noise floor was always at around -60 dBm. You can’t operate with that level of interference. As soon as I deployed the EnGenius access points, the noise floor sank, and I finally felt like I had signal propagating as opposed to being interfered with.”

“When you consider the cost and the amazing listening ability, these were a great find.”

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