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Spot On Networks - New Haven, CT

Long Range Wireless in NYC Hotel
Located near Times Square in New York City, YOTEL New York is a futuristic 669-room hotel focused on delivering a first-class hotel experience at value prices. Automated check-in and a space-aged robot-controlled baggage management system are just two of the many unique features and amenities that have been incorporated to increase efficiencies, lower costs and provide guests with a unique hotel experience.

The Need: A Wireless Network Infrastructure to Support Guests’ Wi-Fi Enabled Devices

YOTEL New York sought to provide their eclectic mix of business and leisure travelers with a strong, reliable wireless network that would provide connectivity in every area of the hotel. YOTEL turned to Spot On Networks of New Haven, Connecticut, to design and deploy a complete network infrastructure.

According to Spot On’s CEO, Dick Sherwin, the focus on making a robust, reliable wireless network available to guests throughout the property was driven by YOTEL’s desire to support the growing variety of Wi-Fi enabled devices travelers are now carrying with them for business and entertainment purposes.

Spot On faced several challenges:

  • Deploying a wireless network that offered tiered Internet connectivity to YOTEL’s guests with connectivity speeds based on the type of room (premium, first-class, or VIP)
  • Providing reliable network coverage in every corner of YOTEL’s property
  • Accommodating the staff’s wireless VoIP phones and remote security monitoring on hand-held tablets
  • Differentiating service with content filters in public areas and full access in guest rooms
To provide the fastest Internet connectivity, Spot On built the network infrastructure upon a fiber backhaul, utilizing gigabit Ethernet switches to create a high-speed foundation for the wireless infrastructure.

The Solution: EnGenius EAP9550 and EOR7550 Wireless Access Points

To ensure a wireless network that delivered complete and redundant coverage throughout the YOTEL property, Spot On decided to deploy long-range wireless networking solutions from EnGenius Technologies.

According to Jason D. Hintersteiner, Vice President of Technology at Spot On Networks, the company deployed 140 EnGenius EAP9550 wireless-N 300Mbps access points to provide indoor connectivity and six EOR7550 802.11a/b/g/n outdoor dual radio repeaters to provide access to the outdoor patios and the loading docks.

“We selected the EnGenius products primarily based upon their cost and capabilities,” Hintersteiner explained. “We were looking for an 802.11n access point that could handle multiple types of wireless traffic on separate VLANs.” Hintersteiner also stated that they liked the smoke detector design of the EAP9550 because they are inconspicuous. Even though people see the access points, they don’t notice them or realize they are even access points. Hintersteiner also explained that the power capabilities of the EnGenius access points are a valuable feature. “We’re able to adjust the power and design the networks to provide overlapping coverage, so in any area of the hotel you are able to see at least two access points.”

The Results: “Super-Strength Wi-Fi” Throughout the Hotel

Spot On’s deployment of the network infrastructure and EnGenius wireless access points now provide guests with reliable wireless Internet access throughout the hotel. In fact, YOTEL positions their “Super-Strength Wi-Fi” on the hotel website as one of the hotel’s key amenities.

EnGenius EAP9550 access points are now installed in the hallways of all guest room floors, as well as in the amenity and back office areas covering all 669 guest rooms, 20,000 square feet of flexible and dynamic entertainment space, and the largest hotel terrace in the city with fast, reliable Wi-Fi connectivity.

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