Functions EnGenius Cloud Feature Basic Pro
General Network Health Check
Organization Handoff
Two-Factor Authentication
Cloud To-Go App Support
Technical Chat Support
Technical Remote Assistance
Automatic & Scheduled Firmware Updates
Network-Wide Application Analysis
Access Point List View
Floor Plan & Heatmap View
Access Point Logs
Access Point Realtime Meter
Client List per Access Point
Switch List View
Switch Logs
Switch Realtime Meter
Access Point & Switch Alert System
Local Credential Control
SysLog Server Settings
Client List
Topology View
Exposure Analysis (Contact Tracing)
SkyKey Monitor & Remote Login
SNMP Support
Multi-Tenant: Admin User
5 Users

Unlimited Users
Number of Networks per Organization
50 per Org

Scheduled Reports
One Report

Weekly Reports
Device/System Event/Config Logs
24 Hours

Network Clone
API Integration
Client Timeline
Advanced Topology View
Network Backup & Restore
Network Backup Protect
Client List Export
Advanced AP & Switch Alerts
Group Device Settings Access Point Group Configurations
Switch Group Configurations
Radio Settings
8 SSID Support
SSID Configuration Cloning
Access Point Meshing
Mesh Auto-Pairing
Access Point NAT & Bridge Support
L2 Isolation Support (Client Isolation)
Fast Roaming
Band Steering
WPA3 Enterprise Security
Bandwidth Control Per SSID
Bandwidth Control Per Client
Captive Portal
Custom Radius Support
Social Login
Facebook Wi-Fi
Advanced Splash Page
Wi-Fi Scheduling
VLAN Configurations
Create Switch Templates
Background Scanning
Client Balancing
Message for Blocked Client
Block Random MAC Connection
Presence Reporting
Voucher Service
100 Users

Cloud Radius
100 Users

MyPSK (Unique PSK)
Wi-Fi Floor Plan (Obstacle & Virtual AP)
Wi-Fi Floor Plan Counsel*
VPN (IPsec Client)*
AD/LDAP/Google Authentication
RF Spectrum*
Zero-Wait DFS*
Advanced Wi-Fi Planning
VLAN Pooling
Optimize Broadcast & Multicast Traffic
Per-User VLAN
Individual Device Settings Access Point Device Configurations
Radio Settings
SSID Disable/Enable
Access Point Reboot
Access Point Replace
Switch Device Configurations
Switch Port Configurations
Switch VLAN Configurations
Switch Port Mirroring
PoE Scheduling & Reset
Switch Link Aggregation
Switch Reboot
Switch Replace
Local GUI Enable/Disable
Client Rename
Client VIP
Client Block
Client Kick

EnGenius Cloud Basic and Pro Features as of June 14, 2021. *Feature coming soon.