Get to Know the EnMesh Whole-Home Wi-Fi System

What is EnMesh™?

EnMesh is EnGenius’ optimized mesh networking solution that utilizes mesh technology for its consumer and business product lines. An EnMesh wireless network does not require wiring between each device making mesh networks easy and cost-effective to install and operate.

Why is a mesh network better?

Compared to conventional Wi-Fi solutions for the home, such as Wi-Fi routers and extenders, a mesh network extends wireless ranges throughout your entire home to provide full, widespread coverage and fast speeds in each room to eliminate dead spots or weak signals. Placing mesh router pods throughout your home distributes the wireless signals more evenly beyond the reach of a single router’s signal.

A mesh network requires no expensive CAT5 cabling, making it perfect and affordable for home use. The nature of a mesh network makes it easy to setup because the technology utilizes an advanced mesh algorithm that enables each mesh router pod to intelligently “talk” to its neighboring pods. These continuous “conversations” between your mesh router pods simplifies set up and enhances network performance.

What is Mesh Technology

Mesh technology uses smart sensors in each mesh router pod. These sensors are always scanning your home, “talking” with other mesh router pods in your home, ensuring the EnMesh network can quickly optimize its connection quality and speeds.

Mesh identifies and immediately fixes network slowdowns automatically by re-routing data to nearby mesh router pods in the event a given pod ever gets too busy passing large data, such as streaming video or loses connection.

How many mesh router pods do I need?

A single mesh router pod covers up to 1,500 square feet, while the three-pack kit (Model: EMR3000-KIT) covers homes up to 4,500 square feet. Wirelessly connect multiple router pods to cover a home of nearly any size. To extend your coverage area, simply add more pods.

How large a home can EnMesh cover? How many mesh routers can I add before the system reaches its high-performance capacity limit?

For home use, and to ensure the best mesh Wi-Fi connection, we recommend the system be restricted to no more than 8 devices.

Will EnMesh work with my Internet Service Provider and modem?

Yes. The EnMesh Whole-Home Wi-Fi System will work with most major Internet Service Providers (ISP) and is compatible with nearly all modems. The first mesh router pod plugs into your existing broadband modem during the setup process. Then, follow the EnMesh app steps to create your EnMesh Wi-Fi network.

Can I use my existing combination modem/router device with the EnMesh system?

Definitely. The EnMesh system will replace the router and Wi-Fi functions of your combination device. You can also add the system behind your existing modem/router to extend your Wi-Fi coverage. If you want to use the EnMesh system with a combo modem/router, we recommend you contact your ISP for assistance in disabling the Wi-Fi on your modem/router device.

Can the EnMesh system be used as a range extender?

No. The system cannot be used as an extender for a traditional router. The mesh router pods eliminate your need for a range extender by creating a whole-home mesh network when used with multiple mesh router pod devices.

Where can I buy the EnMesh Whole Home Wi-Fi System?

The system is available through EnGenius’ e-commerce partners including Amazon and Newegg, or through the EnGenius online store.