Easy-setup, Secure Site-to-Site VPN and Client VPN

The EnGenius security gateway features site-to-site and client VPN that can be activated in a few clicks without the hassle of configuring all VPN detail parameters. This important feature allows businesses to create secure, private connections for communication and remote work.

Easy setup

Self-healing Auto VPN for Easy Networking

EnGenius Cloud continually monitors the VPN connection between EnGenius gateways and will automatically update related VPN parameters to all peers while maintaining a continuous VPN connection even in the case of WAN IP address reassignment or forwarding port changes.

Dual WAN Ports for Load Balancing and Failover

The SD-WAN Gateway is capable of highly efficient load-balancing and redundancy, optimizing traffic by utilizing all available paths among multiple sites.

Uninterrupted Internet Connection with Cellular Failover

If all WAN ports go down, the 3G/4G/5G network connection with the USB wireless dongle can provide a backup for the corporate network from disruption.

Cellular Failover

High Performance with 2.5 Gigabit WAN and LAN Ports

The security gateway has four 2.5G ports for dual WAN and dual LAN connection, which is suitable, not only for the high-speed WAN environment but also for in-line architecture design to have 2.5G uplink to an existing router.

Protect Networks with High-throughput Stateful Firewall

Safeguard your business from potential threats and attacks with the stateful firewall that integrates robust corporate security policies and real-time filtering of malicious internet traffic, all while maintaining optimal network performance.

Stateful Firewall

Passthrough Mode for Existing Network Gateway or Router

When businesses want to keep their current routing settings with existing routers or gateways, EnGenius Security Gatewaycan be set to the 'Passthrough' mode, which only performs data monitoring and security protection without affecting theoriginal network configurations.

Unified Cloud-Management Integrating with APs and Switches

Experience effortless network management with EnGenius Cloud-Management and unified integration with SD-WAN gateways, APs, and switches. Monitor and control all your network devices with ease through a centralized, user-friendly interface.

Remote EnGenius Cloud

Remotely Manage Gateways On-the-Go

Easily take control of your network from anywhere, anytime, with EnGenius SD-WAN Gateways. Seamless setup and centralized management of your networks with the Cloud To-Go mobile app.