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America On Net (AON) :Ponts et points d’accès intérieurs et extérieurs

novembre 18, 2019
  • Houston, Texas

AON Inc. offers one-stop IT for new construction and existing hotels, public venues and businesses. The company provides services ranging from low voltage cabling to turnkey IT solutions including Wi-Fi, VoIP, SIP trunks, networking, security and surveillance cameras, audio/video, TV systems, biometric devices and more.

AON specializes in the hospitality industry, with an experienced team serving this industry since 2002. From its inception, AON has deployed hundreds of Wi-Fi networks in hotels throughout South Texas. These include dozens of both new and upgrade constructions where the AON team provided turnkey installations/replacements in new and existing hotels. From Hilton brands to Intercontinental properties, AON has manysatisfied customers.

The Need: Reliable Wireless LAN Connectivity
Throughout Hotel Properties According to Ervind Arya, CEO and general manager of AON, the company installs networking infrastructures for both newly constructed and existing hotels. These networks typically
require the deployment, management and monitoring of multiple wireless access points. “Over the last 12 years, we have had at least 200 access points at any given time that we’re responsible for,” Arya explained.

Before they began using the EnGenius wireless access points, Arya stated that they were primarily using SOHO products from a top tier manufacturer to provide wireless access for guests and staff. Arya realized that these products did not provide the range necessary to provide client devices with access throughout the hotel. He also noted that his team occasionally encounters buildings with concrete construction, which complicates wireless network deployments. “We knew we needed to find a reliable, affordable solution that delivered high power to provide the range required to cover these large, multifloor properties,” he explained.

The Solution: EnGenius Long-Range Indoor and Outdoor Wireless Access Points
Arya discovered the EnGenius high-power wireless access points through an Internet search over 12 years ago and has been using EnGenius ever since. “We initially selected EnGenius because of the power. The EnGenius access points had more range than the competitors and the price point was very competitive,” Arya explained.

Arya stated that over the years, other competitors have come out with high-power, competitively-priced products, but he has never considered using anything else. “EnGenius’ products have kept up as wireless technology has evolved over the years, so we haven’t had to go out looking for a new solution,” he said.

In addition to the high-power output, and features such as multiple SSIDs, Arya explained that the smoke detector-like design of the EnGenius indoor access points is a differentiator that is critical to his installations.“Prior to the smoke detector design, we were mounting APs in the ceilings,” he explained.

“Being able to mount the access points on the ceiling, away from the air ducts, enables us to get better coverage and a much better signal.” Arya stated that the access points performed well even when deployed in buildings constructed of concrete.

The Results: Long-Range, Reliability and Cost Savings
The EnGenius access points provide AON with highperformance wireless networking solutions that save the
company time and money. “The EnGenius access points give us better coverage than the competing products even when compared to other high-dollar APs that are double or triple the price tag,” Arya said.

Arya also attested to the reliability of the EnGenius access points. “Right now we’re responsible for monitoring about 300 access points and they’re very stable products,” he stated.

Arya proudly exclaimed that he began using EnGenius before much of the industry had even heard of the brand. “I just stumbled onto EnGenius 12 years ago and the products have been excellent,” he explained. “EnGenius products have saved us time and money and I know many people that use EnGenius now because we use it.”

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