Replacement Belt Clip

DuraFon Belt Clip
Strong Durable Design
Rotates for Extra Convenience
Cpmpatble with all DuraFon & DuraWalkie Handsets
DuraFon Belt Clip Replacement Belt Clip

Replacement belt clip for ALL DuraFon handsets and DuraWalkies. Also required for use of the DuraPouch-EX.

Durable Design
Designed with a strong plastic frame that will last.

Effective September 2012, the belt clip has been updated to a new design that is stronger than the previous version.

For use with:
DuraFon 1X Handset
DuraFon 4X Handset
DuraFon PROHandset
DuraWalkie Handset

Rotates for added convenience when attached to a belt.

Works with DuraPouch
Required for use with DuraPuch-EX.

Easily Replaces
Acts as a replacement belt clip for all DuraFon and DuraWalkie handsets.