Telephony Systems

Single-Line Long-Range Phones

These single-line long-range phones offer coverage over a wide area within diverse environments, from large homes and ranches to offices and motels. The single line base can work behind any analog (standard) phone line and support multiple handsets.

  • Three Models: DuraFon 1X, FreeStyl 1, & FreeStyl 2
  • Long-Range Telephone
  • Long-Range Broadcast & Intercom Between Handsets
Model Approx. Range
Approx. Range
Approx. Range
Private Intercom
& Broadcast
Handset Style Optional Two-Way
Radio Only Handset
DuraFon 1X

Outdoor Long-Range Communication

250,000 sq. ft. 12 floors 3,000 acres Yes Durable DuraWalkie 1X
FreeStyl 2

Indoor Extreme Range Cordless Phone System

100,000 sq. ft. 6 floors 10 acres Yes Office N/A
FreeStyl 1

Indoor Extreme Range Cordless Phone System

100,000 sq. ft. 6 floors 10 acres Yes Office N/A

Durable Style

The durable handsets of the DuraFon 1X and DuraWalkie 1X are ideal for environments that require users to carry the handset with them for voice communications as they roam around their location. It is ideal for environments like self-storage, farms, churches, and equipment rental yards.

Office Style

The office style handsets of the FreeStyl 1 and FreeStyl 2 offer long-range coverage with a stylish look. These handsets are perfect for users who occasionally need to carry a handset as they perform a task and are ideal for use in environments like homes, motels, and religious facilities.

DuraFon 1X Highlights

The DuraFon 1X system is a single line base and supports up to nine (9) handsets. The system is expandable to four (4) base units (4 lines) and up to 36 handsets. The DuraFon 1X system includes a base and one (1) DuraFon 1X handset. Additional options include the DuraFon 1X and DuraWalkie 1X handsets.

FreeStyl 1 & 2 Highlights

Both FreeStyl systems are single line bases and support up to nine (9) handsets. Each FreeStyl system includes a base and one (1) FreeStyl Handset. The FreeStyl 1 Base includes a built-in keypad and charges the handset directly in the base, while the FreeStyl 2 Handset charges in a separate cradle from the base.

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