Achieve Maximum Throughput for
Outdoor Wi-Fi Deployment

The Dilemma of Outdoor Wi-Fi Deployment

Traditional Wi-Fi utilizes the CSMA/CA protocol - collision avoidance before transmitting. When connecting, each access point first detects potential collisions that interrupt transmissions. This latency cost increases exponentially with the growth of your network.

Latency from collision avoidance worsens with distance

Significant drops in throughput as number of stations increase

EnJet – Solve transmission latency

EnJet features PtP and PtMP technology, which lets your network overcome the latency of the CSMA/CA protocol design. Access points form a well-ordered flow of transmissions based on predefined times slots. Like cars, traffic is able flow efficiently when an external coordination mechanism is present (traffic lights) and can come to a sudden halt when it is not.

Collision avoidance causes latency

Lack of cooperation increases commute times

for each car

Time-based solution brings efficiency

Traffic flows efficiently when drivers

are directed in different time slot

How EnJet Improves Outdoor Wi-Fi

When an outdoor network spans large distances, its access points or stations are unable to detect each other’s transmissions. Frequent collisions will occur when multiple points transmit simultaneously. EnJet features PtP and PtMP technology, which allocates transmissions from remote locations into slots for efficient time-based management.

The Power of EnGenius EnJet

Achieve Maximum Throughput in Long Distances

By assigning a pre-determined time slot to each connected station, EnJet achieves fast, stable throughput in distance scenarios and avoids the exponentially increasing latency and lower throughput found in networks using traditional CSMA.

Keep Consistent at Scale

EnJet offers sustained high performance by coordinating the order of data transmissions from multiple sources. Increasing the number of access points/stations in your network does not dramatically diminish performance.

Prioritize Your Important Data

EnJet achieves the speed your network needs for its most critical applications. For example, real-time voice transmissions are latency-intensive and slotted at a higher priority than video recordings. Both receive higher priority than HTML pages.