Secure and Smart Networking with EnGenius Fit
EnGenius Fit is a new line of Access Points and Network Switches designed to whip your small business wireless and wired networks into shape. This series offers affordable and high-quality business-class hardware with flexible management.
EnGenius Fit

Smart Networking Solution for Small Business

Простое Внедрение
Set up business network with easy-on boarding features
Flexible Management
Suitable for local, remote, or on-premises scenarios
Cost-effective Devices
Affordable hardware with enterprise-grade features

Flexible Management Planes for Small Business

EnGenius Fit perfectly meets the management needs of small businesses in different deployment and application scenarios.
Remote Managing On-the-go
FitXpress web or mobile app allows business to manage remote networks quickly
Локальные сети

FitController is plug-and-play appliance for on-premises deployment and management

Business-grade Wireless and Wired Network Devices

FIT Network Switches
Layer 2+ desktop and rackmount PoE Switches
FIT Outdoor Wireless
Outdoor Access Points with Wi-Fi 6 and weather resistance
FIT Indoor Wireless
Indoor Access Points with Wi-Fi 6 and radio security
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