3 Simple Steps to Build Your Wi-Fi Business

3 Simple Steps to Build Your Wi-Fi Business Blog Photo

Here at EnGenius, we work hard to provide you with both the information and the cutting-edge tools you need to succeed. Your business wins are our wins, too, and we thrive on finding ways to make your life easier. Enter our End-to-End Solution, designed especially for our Elite Partners!

What is the End-to-End Solution, anyway? It’s our ongoing effort to empower you to approach and win new wireless networking projects, with expert advice from start to finish. We guide you through 3 Simple Steps to Build Your Wi-Fi Business that will help you to retain and build your customer base.

Simple Steps to Success with EnGenius

       1. Establish a Solid Plan with EnGenius’ Network Design Tool
       2. Recommend the Appropriate Hardware
       3. Use EnGenius’ Network Management Software to Retain Existing Customers & Win New Ones!

Step ONE – Establish a Solid Plan Using ezWiFi Planner

The first step in working with any client is understanding their needs, environment, and budget to help you plan. Our new software tool, ezWiFi Planner, will guide you through the rest! Our license-free ezWiFi Planner helps you design the best possible network quickly and easily. Design, analyze, and optimize your projects with the touch of a button!

ezWiFi Planner will model your client’s environment by building out walls, doors, and other network obstacles, and uses an advanced algorithm to optimally place AP’s based on the information you’ve provided. From Build of Materials to Installation Costs, ezWiFi Planner helps you to generate a thorough and complete picture of the project before you move on to hardware selection.

Better yet, ezWiFi Planner generates customizable reports that are perfect for presenting to clients as part of your proposal. Color-coded heat maps illustrate the placement and signal strength of each access point, and you may choose to include other data, like AP model data.

Step TWO: Recommend the Appropriate Hardware

Once your network plan is ready, it is time to recommend the optimal hardware to your client. Happily, EnGenius Elite Partners have access to a comprehensive line of products that are sure to meet your clients’ needs.

Our product line includes the latest technology, price points to fit virtually all budgets, equipment form-factors to suit all environments, and point-to-point solutions to create building-to-building connectivity.

Step THREE: Maximize Efficiency with Our License-Free Network Management Software!

Once you have planned the network and selected the hardware your client needs, EnGenius’ Network Management Software, ezMaster, will help you deploy and maintain your network quickly and easily. Simply upload your ezWiFi floor plans into ezMaster and let the software work its magic!

Auto-Provisioning and Group Configuration will significantly reduce deployment time, saving you time and money. ezMaster offers a wealth of monitoring, maintenance and troubleshooting options, from visual tools and real-time statistics to historical statistics. You can also easily add customers to your portfolio, allowing you to manage more customers – remotely and efficiently.

Become an Elite Partner today!

We are 100% focused on maximizing your success, efficiency, and business growth potential, so visit our Elite Partner page and register today. Take advantage of the EnGenius End-to-End Solution and build your business with our support, product line, and tools! You’ll be glad you did.

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