EnGenius Case Studies

Landmark Hotel Pairs Renovations With Wi-Fi Upgrade

Landmark Hotel Pairs Renovations With Wi-Fi Upgrade

EnGenius Cloud: The owners of the 19th-century Union Hotel in Gettysburg restored the building to its former glory—while incorporating modern updates.
Kayana Beach Lombok Resort

Kayana Beach Lombok Resort

On-Premises: After extensive property renovations, the Kayana Lombok Resort also needed a Wi-Fi solution to cover its nearly 25-acre beachfront property.
fast food wifi

Jollibee Food Corporation

EnGenius Cloud: One of Vietnam’s most well-established fast food chains acquires Wi-Fi network upgrade for its 100 restaurants all over the country.
Virtucor Builds High-Powered Network for Seamless Entertainment and Security

Virtucor Builds High-Powered Network for Seamless Entertainment and S...

EnGenius Cloud: When their disjointed network proved challenging, property owners Rick and Linda decided to get the best Wi-Fi upgrade they could find, both for their two-story home and their lake house.
Hotel WiFi Network

300+ Room Luxury Hotel in the Heart of Indonesia’s Capital Outf...

EnSky On-Premises: Harris Hotel replaces old system with hundreds of Wi-Fi 6-grade access points to solve the poor Wi-Fi performance throughout its facility.
large wifi network

St. Thomas Aquinas College

EnGenius Cloud: How a college traded its motley assortment of network devices for a clean, unified network solution.
wifi for large property

Peak Communication Builds Capital Lumber a Brand New Wi-Fi Network fr...

EnSky On-Premises: Denver lumber company is outfitted with an on-premises network solution to give its 725,000 square-foot facility solid Wi-Fi connectivity throughout.
language school wifi

International Language & Business Centre

EnGenius Cloud: Myanmar’s largest private school acquires a Wi-Fi network to serve thousands of students on multiple campuses.
water park wifi

Garden City Water Park

EnSky EWS377AP & ENH1350EXT: Massive waterpark in Cambodia’s capital city receives equally substantial Wi-Fi installation to provide guests with seamless network connection.
college wifi network

Universidad Interamericana

EnSky EWS377AP & EWS850AP: The Barranquitas campus of one of Puerto Rico’s most prestigious ecumenical Christian universities receives state-of-the-art Wi-Fi 6 network for the first time.
restaurants with wifi

Pollo Regio Serves Up Mesquite-Grilled Chicken and Fast, Reliable Wi-...

EnGenius Cloud: Upwards of 45 restaurants in Northern Texas bring seamless Wi-Fi to their staff and customers.
arena wifi

EnGenius Cloud Provides State-of-the-Art, High-Density Arena WiFi Ahe...

EnGenius Cloud: Switch technology with comprehensive, easy-to-use remote management and real-time network analytics provides seamless connectivity at Madrid Arena Stadium
education network

UK High School Receives Long Overdue Upgrade to Its Wireless Network

EnSky EWS357AP, EWS660AP & EWS1200-28TFP: With its aging wireless network unable to handle a sharp increase in devices, Longhill opted for an overhaul.
wifi in education

Cardinal Newman Catholic School Enjoys a Rich Heritage and Bright Fut...

EnSky EWS360AP & EWS660AP: School prides itself on its advanced teaching facilities and fast, efficient, recently installed Wi-Fi network.
private school wifi

Platon Private School

EnSky EWS330AP: One of Greece’s most prestigious private schools gets low-cost, energy efficient Wi-Fi to cover its entire campus.

18th Century Italian Residential Village Gets an Architectural and Te...

EnSky EWS550AP & ezMaster: The Pieve Rossa delivers major Wi-Fi upgrade for the growing number of professional residents living in its tenements.
medical group wifi

Universal Vision Biotechnology Group

EnGenius Cloud: Optical services giant upgrades more than 80 facilities with fast, reliable Wi-Fi featuring a single platform.
Workers Village WiFi

Abu Dhabi Workers Village Builds Wi-Fi Network Capable of Supporting ...

EnSky EWS510AP & EWS7928P: Lulu workers village installs on-premises Wi-Fi covering most of a 3,500-acre property in business district near the Persian Gulf.
veterinary school wifi

University of Putra in Malaysia Upgrades Wi-Fi to Cover Massive Veter...

EnGenius Cloud: Veterinary school needed stronger Wi-Fi, user-friendly network topology view, and management system for IT team.
State-of-the-Art Wi-Fi

Czech Telecommunications Provider Gets State-of-the-Art Wi-Fi for Its...

EnGenius Cloud: WIA, one of the Czech Republic’s leading telecom providers, follows its own advice and installs its own top-rated Wi-Fi solution.
public wifi

European Commission Seeks to Provide Free Wi-Fi in All Public Spaces

EnSky: Slovakian village of Jablonov nad Turňou was one remote locale granted a government subsidy for free area-wide Wi-Fi.