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Universal Vision Biotechnology Group - Taipei, Taiwan

EnGenius Cloud: Optical services giant upgrades more than 80 facilities with fast, reliable Wi-Fi featuring a single platform.

Universal Vision Biotechnology Group is a Taiwan-based company that offers eye treatment and services along with related medical supplies. Specifically, the company provides laser vision correction equipment and services as well as drugs, glasses, and contact lenses. In addition, the company leases medical facilities, plans clinic operation, and provides medical cosmetology services.

The growing medical group has an impressive 36 eye clinics, 45 optical stores, and one medical aesthetic clinic.

The Need

Universal Vision established its first eye center back in 1992. Since then, it has added more clinics and stores to its network over the years. The problem has been that, because the facilities were built at different times, the Wi-Fi network structure and technology were quite different. Whenever front-line staff encountered network problems, they had to conduct costly and labor-intensive onsite surveys to troubleshoot the issues.

In addition, the existing network architecture did not meet the wireless connectivity needs of clinic patients and store customers. The goal was to establish a single platform for centralized and remote network management as well as stable and fast connectivity for staff, clinic patients, and store customers.

“The benefits of the EnGenius cloud network architecture are beyond imagination.”

Mike Wu

Head of the IT Department, Universal Vision

The Solution

In summer 2020, Universal Vision embarked on a months-long evaluation and proof-of-concept project that resulted in the discovery and selection of the EnGenius cloud solution: a suite of ECW120 wireless access points and ECS1008P and ECS1112FP cloud-managed network switches to deploy throughout each of the company’s facilities.

The solution includes flexible cloud network management, mesh Wi-Fi architecture, and traffic partitioning of the internet and intranet, creating a steady, secure, and high-speed wireless connectivity environment for both staff and customers alike.

As a professional brand of network equipment and services, EnGenius developed a comprehensive solution with features such as easy deployment, unified configuration, easy management, and remote monitoring, which streamlined the installation process for dozens of facilities.

The goal was to improve network services, allowing IT personnel to remotely manage the network infrastructure throughout Taiwan from a single platform. Likewise, IT staff was able to divide the system into internal and external networks through a VLAN (virtual network) mechanism to simplify their workload, optimize the quality of network services, reduce the risk of malicious attacks, and seamlessly support the needs of rapid store expansion.

The Result

The results went above and beyond all expectations. “The benefits of the EnGenius cloud network architecture are beyond imagination,” said Mike Wu, head of the IT department at Universal Vision. Wu spoke highly of the partnership, citing three key benefits of the cloud network architecture.

A more efficiently maintained network:

IT personnel can remotely set up, manage, and monitor devices for different sites through a single platform of EnGenius Cloud or the Cloud To-Go app if they are offsite. They can also change the settings of the connected devices instantly and receive real-time notification of the network status. These benefits significantly reduce the workload and cost of deploying human resources onsite.

Fast and stable network connectivity:

The EnGenius Mesh network can automatically calculate the best route for access points to improve transmission efficiency and repair itself in case of loss of connection so that both store personnel and customers can enjoy high-quality network services and significantly improve customer satisfaction.

Reduced overall implementation cost:

Compared to conventional network solutions that require both hardware and software licenses to access management and analysis services, enterprise customers can now use the EnGenius Cloud management platform for free with the purchase of an EnGenius Cloud device. Users can get the real-time status of the network and devices quickly and thoroughly and can to build internal and external networks. They can also choose to upgrade to EnGenius Cloud PRO for advanced features and more comprehensive management, insight capabilities, or custom services provided by EnGenius.

A win-win situation

“We are honored to have this opportunity to help Universal Vision Biotechnology build a secure, intelligent, and efficient wireless environment,” said Angus Chen, Director of Business Development at EnGenius. Under the open and integrated EnGenius Cloud network architecture, enterprise customers and partners can easily connect EnGenius and cross-brand network information security devices through application programming interfaces (APIs) to continuously optimize network security protection mechanisms. EnGenius and its partners are in a multi-win situation.

Looking ahead, EnGenius will continue to help Universal Vision optimize the quality of its network services for its clinics and stores. EnGenius will also provide flexible and agile cloud network services in line with Universal Vision Biotechnology Group’s business goals.

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