What is EnGenius Fit?

EnGenius offers more management options:

1. Cloud-Based

FitXpress allows you to check your network anyplace, any time. Even the not-so-tech-savvy user can easily monitor and troubleshoot from a single pane of glass.

a. FitXpress App

b. FitXpress Web Portal: fit.engenius.ai (coming soon)


a. FitController: a local portal ideal for examining deep-level analytics on any device, with a plug-n-play network controller with pre-installed network management software, which allows even junior IT pros to set up an on-premises network management infrastructure.

b. Standalone: a local graphical user interface allows you to quickly set up one or several access points with no management.

Is EnGenius FitXpress a true Cloud-based network management solution?

Yes, EnGenius FitXpress is a true Cloud-based network management solution and provides all the essential, streamlined network management tools for your small business.

Which Fit management option should I choose?

FitXpress Cloud-Based Management Option:

• No IT teams
• Non-tech savvy
• Small business owner

o Small office single-site offices with sub 20 employees

- Law office
- Architecture studio
- Independent real estate office
- Medical/dental office
- Accounting office
- Design studio
- Single-location retail
- Independent gym
- Locksmith
- Hair salon
- Niche retail
- Cafe
- Coffee shop
- Bar
- Restaurant
- Inn/B&B

FitController On-Premises Management Option:

• IT professional

o IT director
o IT technician
o Network engineer

- System integrator

How many devices and networks can FitXpress or FitController support?

FitXpress (Cloud-Based):

• Up to 8 networks
• Up to 30 devices (Fit APs & Switches) per network

FitController (On-Premises):

• Up to 50 networks
• Up to 100 devices (Fit APs & switches) per FitController

Can I manage EnGenius Fit APs and EnGenius Fit switches by FitXpress and FitController at the same time?

No, you can only choose one management option (FitXpress or FitController) at a time. Once your Fit devices are being managed by one management option, but you decide you want to move to another one, you will have to perform a factory reset.

Does EnGenius Fit L2+ PoE+ switch support or embedded network management software (controller) allow me to manage EnGenius Fit access points?

No, EnGenius Fit L2+ PoE+ switch does not support embedded network management software (controller) and cannot manage EnGenius Fit access points.

Can I manage EnGenius Fit access points and EnGenius Fit switches through ezMaster, SkyKey, or the EWS Switch Controller?

No, EnGenius Fit access point and EnGenius Fit Switches CANNOT be managed by ezMaster, SkyKey or EWS Switch.

Can I manage EnGenius EnSky access points (Prefix: EWS or EAP or ENH) or EnGenius EnSky L2 PoE switches (Prefix: EWS) by EnGenius FitXpress or EnGenius FitController?

No, EnGenius EnSky access points and EnGenius EnSky L2 PoE switches CANNOT be managed by EnGenius FitXpress or EnGenius FitController.

Can I manage EnGenius Cloud access points (Prefix: ECW) or EnGenius Cloud switches (Prefix: ECS) by EnGenius FitXpress or EnGenius FitController?

No, EnGenius Cloud Access Point (Prefix: ECW) or EnGenius Cloud Switch (Prefix: ECS) CANNOT be managed by EnGenius FitXpress or EnGenius FitController.

Do you have plans to do migration from EnGenius EnSky series (EWS, EAP, ENH or ENS) to EnGenius Fit Series ( -FIT)?

We have NO plans for migration between the EnGenius Fit solution and EnGenius EnSky solution.

Can EnGenius FitController be registered and accessible remotely via EnGenius FitXpress cloud-based web portal?

Not yet. However, we will provide an update when this can be done.

Is the FitController graphical user interface or features like SkyKey (ezMaster)?

No, FitController is a completely new network management software and supports more sophisticated features compared to EnGenius EnSky SkyKey (ezMaster).

Can EnGenius FitXpress manage the Fit hardware controller?

No, Fit hardware controller (FitController) CANNOT be managed by FitXpress.