Argentina Power Company Case Study

Transener - Buenos Aires, Argentina

DuraFon 1X - Single-Line Long-Range Cordless Phones
Transener, a high-voltage electric power transport company, is the leader in the transmission of extra-high voltage for public service in Argentina. The company transmits extra-high voltage electricity across the nation over nearly 8,800 miles of its own transmission lines as well as an additional 5,500 miles of transmission lines belonging to the distribution network and subsidiary, Transba SA. Transener also employs approximately 256 employees per region for a total of 1,100 nationwide.

The Need: Reliable Communications in a Harsh RF Environment

Technicians that maintain wireless telephone equipment for Transener operate in an environment characterized by strong electromagnetic fields, noise, and interference. Maintaining reliable voice communications among maintenance personnel is critical, not only for conducting maintenance procedures, but for ensuring the safety of the technicians throughout a service area, which typically occupies up to two square acres around the power line towers and equipment.

Due to the harsh environment in the substations, Transener required a phone system that not only provided long-range telephone communications, but also offered a rugged design to endure rough treatment by field technicians. It was critical to deploy a communications system that was durable and provided high-quality audio; a system that worked reliably and delivered clear voice communications. In this environment, simple miscommunications can result in injuries, so a robust communications system is a critical component of the technicians’ equipment.

The Solution: The EnGenius DuraFon 1X Cordless Business Telephone System

Transener selected the EnGenius DuraFon 1X cordless business telephone system, deploying a total of 24 systems in their transformer stations across the country. The long-range and high-power characteristics of the system combined with the ruggedized handsets provided the ideal solution for use in the uniquely harsh physical, RF-heavy environments that Transener technicians work in.

The high-power, long-range DuraFon 1X promised to provide the solution to Transener’s communication issue with an extended range that vastly outperforms DECT and Wi-Fi based solutions, delivering up to 12 floors of in-building penetration, up to 250,000 square feet of facility coverage and up to 3,000 acres of open land coverage.

The Results: A Rugged, Reliable Communications System

According to Alberto Amormino, Chief of Transener Regional Telecommunications, the DuraFon 1X systems are performing well and the ruggedized handset have greatly reduced the amount of broken equipment that the company experienced with their previous system. In addition, Amormino explained that the DuraFon systems consistently deliver clear, high-quality communications for their teams in all of the company’s operations across the country.

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