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Worldwide Equipment, Inc. - Prestonburg, KY

EnSky PoE Switches - Drive Success of VoIP System Rollout
Worldwide Equipment Inc. sells and leases heavy-duty Mack Trucks. Also known as The Truck People, the company has 26 locations in six states and has been providing vehicles, parts, and repairs for over 50 years. Worldwide Equipment thrives on solving its customers’ problems and building long-term business relationships.

The Need: Managed PoE Switches to Support Rollout of New VoIP System in 26 Stores

The best businesses continually look to improve their internal systems and efficiencies. Worldwide Equipment recently rolled out new communications technology to help keep its competitive edge. After doing away with an outdated phone system that no longer offered new units or replacement parts, the company opted for a VoIP system by Ring Central. Ring Central’s proprietary system provides phone service, voicemail, voicemail transcription, and more via the Internet.

Engineers at Worldwide Equipment needed robust, managed switches to connect the system’s proprietary and programed desk phones to the network. The Polycom phones each use 15 watts of power, necessitating sufficient Power over Ethernet (PoE) connectivity for the phones to function correctly. Worldwide Equipment needed one final piece to make this solution work: the EnSky EWS7952FP switch.

“practically working out of the box… an average technician who has a basic certification should be able to do the network configuration and install it.”

Worldwide Equipment, Inc.

The Solution: EWS7952FP EnSky Managed Switches

The EWS7952FP is a 48-Port Managed Gigabit 740W PoE+ Switch. Features include:

       • Simplified network configuration
       • Monitoring
       • Management options
       • PoE+ for compatible devices like IP cameras, VoIP phones & access points

The engineers at Worldwide Equipment opted to deploy the new equipment at the company’s headquarters first, then roll out the technology at other locations. Approximately 10,000 square feet in size, the headquarters facility includes a centralized network room that houses the switches and serves as a connection hub for the Ethernet cabling.

Setup was easy, with the devices “practically working out of the box.” According to a Worldwide Equipment engineer, “An average technician who has a basic certification should be able to do the network configuration and install it.”

Ethernet cable runs at headquarters ranged from 50 feet to 200 feet, with the average distance falling somewhere in between, to reach employee’s desks. Typically, the further you go using network cables, the more issues you may experience. The powerful EWS7952FP switches connected all phones without any problems. Phone service is clear, and it doesn’t cut in and out during calls.

The Result: Expandable EnGenius Solution Soundly Supports New VoIP System

The EnGenius EWS7952FP deployment, in support of the new Ring Central VoIP system, is a success. Because Worldwide Equipment relies on its network to deliver both web access and VoIP/phone service, its trust in EnGenius products is that much more meaningful – given that a significant portion of its business productivity is reliant upon EnGenius products.

PoE and a range of essential standard features add value to the switch. In fact, a standard EnGenius switch feature resolved an early problem that cropped up with the VoIP system. “We discovered that many of the computers on our network were producing too many broadcasts and unnecessary packets,” said a Worldwide Equipment engineer. “We needed to enable Broadcast Storm Control, which allowed the VoIP network to reach exactly 99% quality. Virtually all of our stores have perfect audio when making and receiving calls. The switches also support QoS tags, which can prioritize certain packets/frames over others. These features are great for companies who are using VoIP for their telephone solution.”

The Worldwide Equipment engineer chose the PoE port setting view as his favorite feature. “There’s a display page that shows you which phone is connected to which port, and how much power each phone is drawing.” He also said, “I like the product so much that I might even buy one and install it in my own home. Your switch has features like Power over Ethernet, one-click firmware updates, automatic firmware upgrades, remote management, configuration command line interface, and multiple access for configuration. The EWS7952FP is more of an Enterprise-Class device.”

Another reason the Worldwide Equipment engineers chose to deploy EnGenius products? System expandability. “If the company decides to add more wireless access points to its network, EnGenius is already in the field of wireless transmission,” said the engineer. “Instead of buying a lot of different technologies and not being sure whether they’re going to cover the area with wireless, I can buy two or three of your access points, plug them right in, and they’ll work.”

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