Large Residential Case Study

Cox Systems Technology - Oklahoma City, OK

DuraFon Series - Large Residence
Founded in 1936, Cox Systems Technology has a long history in the field of communications. Located in Oklahoma City, Cox Systems provides services and equipment for sound, varied communication systems, closed-circuit television (CCTV), master antenna television (MATV), nurse call, and a wide range of security/emergency notification systems.

According to Vice President Jerry Cooper, Cox Systems relies upon EnGenius Technologies’ long-range DuraFon cordless phones to provide reliable voice communications across large properties, including estates and large residences.

The Need: Long-Range Coverage for a Large Private Residence

While Cooper is a big fan of the DuraFon for commercial uses, like hotels, school campuses, retail, and warehouses, he says that he has also installed the DuraFon system in a substantial private residence.

“Their house is so big that most other wireless phones can’t cover it,” said Cooper. The previous “long-range” system worked fine as long as the user was within 100 feet of the base,” according to Cooper. “If they were at the swimming pool or in the garden, they had no communications at all.”

Not only was this inconvenient, but the lack of reliable communications was also a safety issue. To keep the homeowners, their guests, and their staff safe, Cox Systems needed to provide a better solution. The ideal system would be expandable and would not require a modification to the home’s existing phone service. Cooper knew just what to recommend.

The Solution: DuraFon Provides Both Clear Call Quality and Long-Range Coverage

Cox Systems installed a DuraFon Cordless Phone System quickly and easily. The multi-line system works on any analog phone system, accommodates up to four ports/lines per base unit, and is easy to deploy. It is also easy to add additional handsets – accommodating up to 90 handsets incrementally as needed.

Because the system covers up to 250,000 square feet, or 3,000 acres, covering the house and grounds with reliable coverage was not difficult for DuraFon. According to Cooper, the owners are thrilled that they can now make and receive calls from anywhere on their property. The DuraFon provides convenience and a sense of comfort, knowing that assistance is just a phone call away if an emergency arises.

Another benefit to the client? Privacy. DuraFon offers highly secure wireless communications, thanks to 900 MHz Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technology. FHSS keeps users from hearing unwanted outside conversations – and vice versa.

“Call quality has even improved for the homeowners,” says Cooper. “They said the audio was clearer than any other phone they had ever had. They’ve called me on several occasions just to tell me how pleased they are with the EnGenius phone!”

DuraFon Long-Range Cordless Phone Systems continue to satisfy managed service providers and their customers, with incredible range, multi-functions, and scalability.

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