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Mandalay Waterboom Park - Mandalay, Myanmar

Cloud & EnSky: Water park gets brand new centrally-managed Wi-Fi system installed to cover massive property and bay resort.

The Mandalay Waterboom Park sits nestled against the remote northeastern shore of the Myitnge River in Mandalay—Myanmar’s second largest city with a population of 1.7 million.

The sweltering summers in Myanmar make water parks very attractive, including the newly-built Waterboom with its various attractions, water slides, and massive wave pool that simulates waves crashing on the beach.

The Need

The Waterboom Park sits on a sprawling 7.5-acre stretch of property. Management wanted to install a Wi-Fi solution that would provide staff and guests with reliable, uninterrupted connectivity no matter where they were in the park. They also wanted a system that could be centrally managed by their own IT staff.

The primary challenge lay in providing Wi-Fi throughout the property while maintaining a strong signal at all locations. The various attractions and structures in the park required a strategic layout in order to maintain a clear line of sight between access points.

The Solution

To meet the Wi-Fi needs of the Waterboom Park, EnGenius recommended the license-free Cloud solution, which consisted of EnSky indoor and outdoor access points and switches to be centrally managed by Waterboom’s own IT department using ezMaster network management software.

The entire solution included the following equipment:

EMD1 x 50 – 11ac Wave 2, dual-band mesh access points
EAP2200 x 35 – 11ac Wave 2, tri-band indoor access points
ECW160 x 20 – 11ac Wave 2, 2×2, cloud-managed outdoor access points
ECS1528FP x 15 – 24-port gigabit 410W PoE switches
EWS7952FP x 1 – 48-port managed gigabit 740W PoE+ network switch
EWS5912FP x 1 – 8-port managed gigabit 130W PoE+ network switch

ezMaster network management software would allow Waterboom’s IT managers to configure, monitor, and troubleshoot all access points and switches, both onsite and remotely, using a laptop or smartphone.

The Results

The strategic placement of more than one hundred indoor and outdoor access points now provides Waterboom with fast, seamless Wi-Fi connection. As enjoyable as water parks can be, staff must regularly enforce rules to prevent accidents and respond quickly when accidents do happen. Efficient Wi-Fi ensures help can arrive as soon as possible.

As well, guests can give amusement parks free visibility by sharing their experiences online through photos, videos, and posts. A good Wi-Fi network can be the means through which a business like Waterboom can attract new customers.

In addition to reliable access points, the PoE and PoE+ switches now offer Waterboom tremendous cost savings by powering the access points through Ethernet cables instead of separate power cables that are expensive to install. With its signature license-free cloud management solution, EnGenius was able to make Waterboom’s Wi-Fi solution even more affordable.

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