Workers Village WiFi

Abu Dhabi Workers Village Builds Wi-Fi Network Capable of Supporting 10,000 Devices - Abu Dhabi

EnSky EWS510AP & EWS7928P: Lulu workers village installs on-premises Wi-Fi covering most of a 3,500-acre property in business district near the Persian Gulf.

Lulu Group International manages its regional office, a few Lulu Express mall stores, and several Lulu Hypermarkets—most of which are located in the heart of Abu Dhabi near the Persian Gulf coastline.

The Need

Management and staff of the Lulu workers village needed fast, affordable internet that could eliminate lagging and dead spots. The administrative team also wanted easy central management of a network scalable to 10,000 devices.

Furthermore, they wanted to control bandwidth use, internet misuse, as well as URL filtering and web logging to prevent access to offensive websites through the network.

The Solution

EnGenius ezWiFi Planner was used to visualize and design the Lulu network prior to deployment. Heat maps allowed IT administrators to determine where to place access points strategically throughout the properties.

The IT team decided to deploy 512 EWS510AP indoor access points throughout 12 buildings. They also deployed 43 EWS7928P switches within the same buildings. The PoE switches came with built-in controllers capable of centrally managing up to 50 devices per switch.

The Result

The deployment was a huge success, providing seamless Wi-Fi throughout each of the 12 buildings for all workers in the village.

The Lulu Group’s IT team happily reported that EnGenius supplied a cost-effective yet reliable solution as well as effective, responsive sales support throughout the installation and deployment process.

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