Enhancing Communication and Range with DuraFon at Naftzinger’s Used Auto Parts - Auburn, PA

DuraFon System: Before DuraFon, Naftzinger's Used Auto Parts faced significant challenges with their existing store-bought phone system.

Nestled in Auburn, Pennsylvania, Naftzinger’s Used Auto Parts has served the automotive community for over 50 years with a passion for quality and customer satisfaction. From hard-to-find components to essential replacements, Naftzinger’s offers an extensive inventory to meet the diverse needs of its customers. Communication is vital in their day-to-day operations, from assisting customers with inquiries to managing inventory. But with 6 acres of land, getting a hold of the owner, Doug Naftzinger, to negotiate a deal or find a part and price used to be a challenge. 

“My yard is roughly 6 acres and we’re in a valley. There are trees around us, and one neighbor is way down the road, and roughly 1,200 cars where we have in the yard.”
Doug Naftzinger
Owner, Naftzinger’s Used Auto Parts

The Need

Naftzinger’s Used Auto Parts, a well-established auto parts retailer, faced significant communication challenges with their existing store-bought phone system.

The challenges posed by the previous phone system were multifaceted, with a limited range often resulting in missed calls and delayed responses, posing a potential risk of losing valuable clients. In addition, inadequate coverage in certain areas within the business premises led to frustrating dropped calls and unclear communication, hindering efficiency. The subpar sound quality of the system made effective communication in the noisy automotive environment a daunting task, while its durability, or lack thereof, and its limited battery life significantly impeded its usability in the rugged demands of our yard. Doug, the owner, recognized the need for an enhanced communication solution due to these shortcomings required an upgrade to ensure seamless and reliable communication within his operations.

“The return on the investment is priceless because here’s the thing, it might seem like a little thing, but when people call here, if I don’t answer the phone, they ask” where’s Doug?” If my helper tells them I’m out back or something, I don’t have the phone. The customer says, they’ll call back, but will they call back?”

The Solution

In search of a better communication solution, Doug came across an advertisement in a Hello Direct magazine promoting the DuraFon by EnGenius Technologies. Impressed by the potential benefits, he decided to make the switch despite a higher price as he saw it as an investment.

Doug’s decision to switch to the DuraFon phone system has transformed his business. His yard is surrounded by trees and his DuraFon base is located centrally in the yard in his office. Despite the environment, its enhanced range has surprised Doug and has ensured seamless connectivity throughout the facility and even at his home, over 1500 feet from the base. The DuraFon system effectively tackled the issue of poor coverage in specific areas, guaranteeing clear communication regardless of location. Combined with its superior sound quality, it has made communication in the noisy auto parts environment viable and efficient.

“The reason I use this phone is because in the salvage yard I’m here, I’m there, I’m all over and when the phone rings I can be done. Somebody will call. I can answer whether it be for a part, whether it be to sell a car or whether it be a customer.”

The auto yard can be a rough place for a handset, and Doug’s Durafons, almost as tough as him, have taken some hits and dips but have kept working where other handsets, especially cell phones, would have been costly to replace. The DuraFon is not just tough; unlike other voice solutions requiring constant recharging, the DuraFon offers a full day’s work without worrying about an uncharged handset, providing unmatched convenience for Doug and his team.

The Results

With the DuraFon phone system in play, Naftzinger’s business has become a well-oiled machine. The extended range and improved coverage have made internal communication smoother, resulting in quicker response times, more productivity, and no more lost sales due to long response times.

The DuraFon system lets Doug provide customers with lightning-fast assistance and excellent customer service. The DuraFon has saved Doug from countless laps around the yard and saved him serious money, as he doesn’t need to hire someone to play “phone tag” anymore. Doug can now take calls from anywhere in the yard or even from the comfort of his home, knowing he won’t miss a beat.

Doug’s decision, many years ago, to adopt DuraFon has strategically positioned Naftzinger’s Used Auto Parts for success and has become the most important tool for their business. The advanced communication capabilities of DuraFon have not only streamlined internal processes but also elevated customer service, strengthening the business’s reputation. Over the years, Doug has been asked why he doesn’t switch over to a cell phone, but the DuraFon gives him better coverage, longer battery life, and can keep up with the ruggedness of his business.

“I’ve been using it for over 15 years, and it works. It just works. People can tell you, “Well, you can put it on your cell phone?” Yes, you can, but with the amount of calls I get, the cell phone usually dies in a short period of time. I use it every day. I use it during the day and how to put it in the charger next morning or it out and I’m ready to go.”

Naftzinger’s Used Auto Parts has embraced innovation and demonstrated the transformative impact of advanced communication solutions in the auto part industry, where effective communication is crucial for success.

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