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Montgomery Technologies - San Francisco, CA

EnSky Series - Scalable Wi-Fi for a Range of Clients
Montgomery Technologies is a professional services firm specializing in the integration of technology and commercial real estate.

“We provide technology management services for the commercial real estate industry, with a particular focus on telecommunications infrastructure, base building infrastructure, and tenant solutions,” explained Greg Jones, President of Montgomery Technologies. “Our target customers are traditionally large real estate owners, real estate investment trusts, property management firms, as well as enterprise customers that may have campus-type environments. Our customers are typically multi-tenant facilities where the landlord or property manager is responsible for ensuring an excellent tenant experience.”

The Need: A Reliable, Affordable, Centrally Managed Network Infrastructure

Jones explained that the key differentiator between Montgomery Technologies and its competition is their focus on working closely with the building, landlord and property management to develop and implement cutting-edge services for the tenant base. “Technology is changing dramatically and most of the tenants that are moving in today have different requirements than the tenants that moved in even five years ago,” he said. “The ability to work with the landlord and the property management firm to anticipate what may be coming down the road, and to help the landlord deliver services to the tenants at a price that’s competitive, typically translates to higher rents, enabling them to get the best return on their real estate investments.”

“Many of our customers are in multiple cities and are rolling out sites across multiple geographies. The ability to have a consistently managed process makes it easier for them to do their deployments,” Jones continued. In order to support the implementation and management of the growing number of distributed network infrastructures of its clients across the country, Montgomery Technologies requires a solution that delivers a critical combination of high performance, scalability, affordability, and ease-of-management. They found those attributes in the EnGenius EnSky Series Distributed Network Management Solution.

“EnGenius has really helped us when we have questions or concerns.”

Greg Jones

President, Montgomery Technologies

The Solution: EnGenius EnSky Series Distributed Network Management Solution

“Prior to using the EnGenius EnSky Series, we had disparate monitoring systems at various locations, and managing all of those systems was a challenge,” said Jones. “With the rollout of the ezMaster software, the EnSky Series has allowed us to really consolidate some of our infrastructure and leverage the platform to manage multiple networks across the country.”

“Networking monitoring has taken a big turn with the introduction of the ezMaster platform,” explained Chris Tallerico, Director of Network Services for Montgomery Technologies. “We were managing and monitoring our wireless access points via a third-party product. With ezMaster, we’ve been able to migrate almost all of the WAPs that we monitor in the field to the platform which allows us now to centrally monitor and manage every single wireless product that we have throughout the United States on one platform.”

In addition to the ease of management, Tallerico also described the strong price-to-performance value that the EnSky Series provides. “The EnGenius product line is absolutely apples-to-apples, as far as performance goes, when compared to any of the other equipment on the market but lacks that yearly subscription fee to continue to use the equipment that you’ve already bought and paid for,” he explained. “The value proposition offered by the EnGenius line allows us to deploy sometimes twice as much network equipment as if we went with one of the larger, more well-known competitors on the market. That certainly benefits our customers by allowing them to have twice the coverage and sometimes up to twice the input on the network as if we went with another vendor.”

The Results: Success Driven by a Critical Combination of Products and Partnership

Aside from the performance and capabilities of the EnSky Series solution, “One of the things that we’ve been most pleased with in working with EnGenius has been their commitment to solving our needs and working with us to develop solutions that we can deploy in the marketplace,” Jones said. “Many other companies simply provide you with a product, give you a SKU, and that’s the end of it. EnGenius has really helped us when we have questions or concerns, or when we have areas we’d like them to address. We’re able to interface with them at a very high level and create the changes in a product to enable it to do more or enable it to be better. That relationship has been critical for us to be able to deploy these solutions and continue to evolve our product offerings, and we think it’s going to bode very well for both Montgomery Technologies and EnGenius moving into the future.”

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