Residential WiFi Coverage Case Study

Qsmrt, Inc. - Sarasota, FL

Managed Switches - The Access Point That Saved Thanksgiving Day Wi-Fi
Owned and operated by Geoff Quisenberry, Qsmrt is a residential systems integrator that specializes in home automation and entertainment. The company designs home systems that include tech-based tools that control lighting, audio/video, and security. Qsmrt enables clients to control their automated home systems from anywhere via their mobile devices.

The Need: Reliable Wi-Fi for Family Gatherings of 35 People or More

Sometimes partial installations need to be fast-tracked to help a family “in need.” Case in point: Last fall, Qsmrt started working on a job that began as a mission to organize, tidy, and streamline existing equipment in an expansive home. The property includes approximately 5,500 square feet inside and nearly 20,000 square feet outside – including a pool, deck, and wraparound patio.

The clients had a closet full of “archived” and semi-functioning electronics. The cables were a jumbled rat’s nest. Qsmrt hadn’t even had a chance to quote the whole job, which would include an upgraded Wi-Fi network, when a “Wi-Fi crisis” arose.

The Internet kept failing. The clients had to go into the closet and reset everything four or five times before their equipment would work again. They were hosting a large Thanksgiving gathering at their home, and they knew everyone was going to want Wi-Fi. Their existing system, a well-known brand, was incapable of serving a mere five people (a few days before the holiday), let alone over 30 people on Thanksgiving!

Luckily for the clients, and their guests, the Qsmrt team had an EnGenius access point on hand, which saved the day.

“The management aspect of them is terrific – the fact that I can create one group (for the access points).”

Geoff Quisenberry

Owner of Qsmrt, Inc.

The Solution: EnSky Access Points and a Managed 24-Port Switch

The temporary solution Qsmrt provided got the clients through the Thanksgiving holiday. Qsmrt installed a single EnSky EWS360AP Access Point in the ceiling in the middle of the kitchen, and the AP went from immediately providing Wi-Fi for 10-12 people on the day before Thanksgiving to supplying 30-35 people with Wi-Fi on the actual holiday.

“The day after Thanksgiving the clients said, ‘Thank you so much! The Wi-Fi got slower, but it never crashed. Everyone had internet. It was terrific! Thank you!’,” says Quisenberry. “Since then, I’ve installed three more indoor access points and one outdoor access point. The property is totally covered, and now when they have 35 people there for a holiday, no one even loses throughput.”

Qsmrt’s final deployment included an EWS1200-28TFP 24-port switch, four EWS360AP indoor APs, and one EWS660AP outdoor AP. “Spreading it out to four indoor APs and one outdoor AP covered their needs very easily.” Multiple devices are essential for networks in large homes because “People are spread out through the house, and not everyone connects to the same access point,” says Quisenberry. “Users just attach to it, and wherever they go it’s there, and it works.”

The Result: Robust Wi-Fi Seamlessly Supports Integrated Residential Automation

Qsmrt’s relationship with EnGenius goes far beyond this particular success story. The company relies on EnGenius to help it save time, improve efficiency, and reduce truck rolls. Qsmrt knows EnGenius products work. “Our biggest issue is finding products that I can bring into somebody’s house, so I don’t get a call that makes me return to that house within the first two years,” explains Quisenberry.

System design is fast and simple with EnGenius full-featured products. “It makes it easy for me to design my systems. I use either a 24- or a 48-port switch. I always build a switch into the design. Next, how many access points do you need? That’s it. I can literally put together the network foundation for any client that I’m designing a system for in 15 minutes.”

EnGenius devices also provide Qsmrt with the features and devices needed to excel in the systems integration game. “PoE, full-power SKUs. The fact that I can take a 24-port switch and run eight surveillance cameras, five Wi-Fi access points, a DoorBird doorbell, three DoorBird Chimes – all PoE stuff, and I don’t have to have multiple, separate switches in there. It’s a nice package; it’s a very nice package,” says Quisenberry.

The president of Qsmrt is also a fan of the device management capabilities. “The management aspect of them is terrific – the fact that I can create one group (for the access points). When I installed the first access point (in the client’s home), I didn’t just go program the (one) access point. I programmed a group and added the access point. Then, when I added the next four access points, I just went click-done. That’s phenomenal,” explains Quisenberry.

EnSky access points are invaluable to businesses interested in reliability, performance, and efficiency, and they may make a client’s holiday happier!

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