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Park and Shore Luxury Condominiums - Jersey City, NJ

EnGenius Cloud: One of New Jersey’s most luxurious condo complexes gets a state-of-the-art network

Park and Shore is one of Jersey City’s premier luxury real estate condominium developments, offering tower residents sprawling floorplans and stunning views of the Hudson River and New York City skyline. The structure includes amenities such as a wine tasting lounge and private dining room, Olympic-size pool, fitness center, rooftop sky lounge, a putting green, and media room.

It is definitely the place for those who prefer stylish big city life.

Strategic Capital, the investment and development arm of China Construction America (CCA), partnered with BITS Consulting to ensure that the core network stack for Park and Shore was designed in a way that would allow for the secure and efficient operation of the complex’s building management systems and amenities.

“We were honored to partner with Strategic Capital in providing pre-construction technology advisory services for such an iconic project,” said Asish George, founder and chief technology strategist for BITS Consulting. George’s firm specializes in designing and managing the IT infrastructure of community associations (primarily mid to high-rise MDUs) throughout the NJ Gold Coast region.

The Need

Since a solid networking solution would be an integral part of the Park and Shore project’s construction, BITS Consulting needed a company that could provide state-of-the-art switches to create the network backbone of a multi-story, luxury high-rise building. George knew EnGenius was the answer.

According to George, Strategic Capital’s vice president enlisted him initially to design and implement a managed Wi-Fi network to serve the residents of Shore House (the eight-story sister building to Park). As part of this project, George provided oversight over the design of the core network architecture and incorporated EnGenius products into the mixed-vendor infrastructure with existing equipment from a competitor.

“From the relationship I have built with the EnGenius team I knew we’d get the support needed to successfully complete this project.”

Asish George

Founder & Chief Technology Strategist for BITS Consulting

“After that project, they were impressed with what BITS Consulting was able to do,” said George. “And we were given the opportunity to come in on the ground floor for 75 Park Lane, the larger 40-story project.”

At Park, the general contractor had originally selected another top-tier vendor to provide network switches and access points but decided to go with George’s recommendation – EnGenius.

“One of the selling points was not only the lower price point for the initial purchase,” said George, “but also no ongoing maintenance fees or annual license subscription. Both selling points allowed me to steer the project over to EnGenius.”

The Solution

BITS Consulting recommended the EnGenius product line of switches and access points, and they did so for four main reasons—ease of deployment, affordability, advanced cloud switch features, and the superiority of the license-free EnGenius Cloud management system.

Specifically, the 75 Park Lane project included 22 switches and 26 access points. The switches included a healthy combination of ECS1528FP and ECS1552FP models along with one ECS1008P. The indoor access points were all ECW220s, and the outdoor APs were ECW160s.

It was important to George that he select a product line with durable, reliable equipment. “This is a luxury complex where some units sell for well over a million,” said George. “The property management team and residents in the community definitely expect reliable equipment.”

The Result

As it was his first pre-construction technology installation project, George was excited about implementing the EnGenius Cloud management system and couldn’t deny the benefit of a license-free platform. “There is no other competitor that actually offers a free platform. I couldn’t have gone anywhere else.”

True to form and with only a few minor hiccups, the EnGenius cloud management project—complete with access points and switches—has gone off without a hitch.

“If I didn’t have confidence in the EnGenius team to address any issues that arose, I would not have moved forward with the project,” said George. “From the relationship I have built with the EnGenius team I knew we’d get the support needed to successfully complete this project.”

George further expressed confidence in the development of AI features in EnGenius’ cloud management system. “The concept of having some intelligence built into the platform to make troubleshooting easier is definitely appealing as a technology solutions provider. Knowing that the platform will make my job a little bit easier and being able to support the infrastructure is definitely enticing.”

George has experienced the ease with which network problems can be pinpointed and fixed using the EnGenius Cloud network topology diagram. “We had one scenario where we had to replace a switch. We clicked to replace, selected a switch from inventory, and boom! It was there. It’s been phenomenal,” said George.

EnGenius switches and access points form the backbone of Park and Shore’s network. The EnGenius product line makes implementation, management, and firmware updates a breeze. “Everything that’s part of the IP stack at Park and Shore—building management systems, CCTV, access control, audio/visual amenities, staff network, Wi-Fi networks, etc. — all of those components, run on EnGenius,” said George.

George expressed his satisfaction with how the success of this project will lead to even more pre-construction advisory projects. “We are located in Jersey City, the heart of the New Jersey Gold Coast. There are MDUs going up all around us and it’s our hope that we can help more developers during the pre-construction phase in architecting networks that are secure, efficient, and scalable. Our experience at Park and Shore has shown that a planned approach to infrastructure design results in a more seamless experience for the residents.”

Contact us to learn more about our EnGenius line of switches and access points as well as our state-of-the-art cloud management platform.

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