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How EnGenius Helped Supercell Systems Become the Go-To Event Networking Experts - New York, NY

EnGenius Cloud: Transforming Event Connectivity with EnGenius Solutions

Renny Itwaru, founder and CEO of Supercell Systems New York City, began his journey with EnGenius a half decade ago when he embarked on a quest to elevate event deployments to a new level. Today, Supercell Systems operates as a three-part business, focusing on event-related services, physical security, and network infrastructure. They serve a diverse clientele, ranging from small mom-and-pop companies to two enterprise clients with global operations and multiple branch offices. His initial encounter with EnGenius was marked by the deployment of the versatile EWS7928FP 48-Port PoE switches and the beginning of a fruitful partnership.

When Renny started providing event services, he quickly realized he wanted to own his equipment rather than rent it. He went on to research and scope multiple leading-class networking solutions and ultimately chose EnGenius. He quickly realized that EnGenius offered the best value among competitors, resulting in substantial ROI for his company while working on high-end fashion shows, concerts, and events using EnGenius’s connectivity solution.

“That equipment took me 5 years, and I was able to do a lot of the event deployments. I’ve done fashion shows for Kanye West. I’ve done things for NASA at Kennedy Space Center. I’ve done Taylor Swift events – all types of name fashion shows with EnGenius equipment.”
Renny Itwaru
CEO, Supercell Systems New York City

The Need

Supercell Systems is an expert in providing Wi-Fi and networking services for entertainment and high-fashion brands. They focus on building relationships with their clients, aiming to be trusted advisors, not just vendors. As a result, they produce solutions that increase uptime. Vigilant, proactive, and ready to tackle any issue before it arises, Renny and his team focused on key elements to the success of this event.

In the dynamic world of event planning and execution, Renny faced challenges requiring a dependable and agile networking solution. Renny needed an innovative and adaptive solution to keep his events seamlessly connected and running flawlessly. As luck would have it, while Renny was looking to upgrade his EnGenius equipment to the latest Wi-Fi 6 standards, he had booked the first-ever event at the newly transformed The Refinery at Domino. Brooklyn’s historic Domino Sugar refinery building had been transformed into a new 460,000-square-foot all-electric glass tower, making it one of New York City’s new premier event centers. A high-fashion brand was going to host their event at the new event center, and Supercell Systems was the chosen vendor to provide connectivity for the show.

Renny required a reliable solution as his reputation was on the line, especially with one of the most popular event venues in New York City attracting attention. The event deployment feature set had to include traffic segmentation capabilities and excellent Wi-Fi connectivity to accommodate the numerous guests at the event. Additionally, Renny had to remain vigilant to real-time updates and be able to adapt and make changes quickly. To achieve peace of mind, it was crucial to have a cloud-compatible product with real-time diagnostics, easy plug-and-play setup, and remote configuration abilities. Renny needed the ability to manage power resets remotely and quickly review diagnostics, all through a unified cloud interface to ensure smooth operations. Renny was excited to see that EnGenius now featured an end-to-end Wi-Fi 6 and networking solution managed in the cloud. But with the chip shortage constraining the inventory in the entire industry, Renny was in a race against the clock to receive all his equipment and prepare his team for this new deployment at this exciting event.

“I wanted to work on a single pane of glass for my event deployments, so we looked for a cloud product that would be a full stack. When EnGenius finally presented the opportunity to be full stack with one vendor from router to PDU – which is a big advantage to us – we had to say “yes.”

The Solution

In their recent project, the team opted for various EnGenius products to address their networking requirements. The central components included EnGenius Cloud hardware, Wi-Fi 6e access points (ECW336), a multigigabit SD-WAN gateway (ESG610), enterprise PoE switches (ECS1528FP, ECS2510FP), and power distribution units (ECP214, ECP106) into their setup, necessitating a full stack network across four floors. Their EnGenius partnership was pivotal in ensuring product availability, especially in the face of challenges posed by the chip shortage. Renny remarks that his sales representative called to update him on deliveries and equipment statuses. He ensured they acquired the necessary equipment promptly and ran set-up demonstrations and financial analysis to help them feel confident in their purchase.

Covering four floors with 22 Access Points, the team utilized an EnGenius ezWiFi Planner to design their network. Thanks to the ESG610’s flexibility, they also implemented redundancy measures, including gigabit fixed wireless and a Starlink backup, which proved crucial during an unforeseen failover that they initially didn’t even notice happened.

The team found the user-friendly dashboard and mobile app of the EnGenius products to be standout features. These tools streamlined network management compared to their previous setup, offering ease of access across multiple devices and facilitating information sharing within their team. They could configure all the devices without opening the box so that Renny’s team could quickly transport and install the devices and be ready for the event day. The real-time alerting feature proved invaluable in promptly addressing network issues, enhancing overall reliability. The cloud-based configuration of the EnGenius products eliminated the need for on-site infrastructure for event deployments, simplifying the setup process. The EnGenius Cloud also allowed them to monitor bandwidth usage, device tracking, and network segmentation analysis.

“For me, EnGenius fits a perfect niche for events in terms of cost and features that are needed for these event deployments. It was perfect!”

The Results

Delighted with the outcome, Renny described the collaboration with EnGenius as nothing short of transformational.

As a result of adopting this product, the customer experienced a highly successful event that met and exceeded their expectations and booked two more events from the same customer. They gained two new business projects through this endeavor, and the process was remarkably smooth, resulting in a seamless experience for their customers. This achievement solidified the customer’s position as the go-to expert for their clients, further reinforcing their professional relationships.

Regarding business improvement, the customer can now support deployments with a full-stack cloud product, reducing the need for on-site interventions and preventing unnecessary truck rolls. This enhancement empowered them with robust data and management control, enabling them to address approximately 80% of potential issues proactively. This newfound capability allowed them to deliver swift and effective customer support while significantly cutting costs, ultimately positive impact to their bottom line.

“The diagnostics, the detail in the EnGenius Cloud product is a feature set that gives us what we need in 2023 to make our deployments a lot easier.”

When asked if they would recommend this product, Renny jokingly responded that he prefers his competitors not to use EnGenius to maintain his competitive edge. The product’s distinct perspective from traditional IT approach offered exceptional support and flexibility, addressing challenging situations and fostering strong relationships that set them apart from other vendors.

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