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Leiden Cabinet Company - Twinsburg, OH

DuraFon PRO - Multi-Line Long-Range Cordless Phones
Headquartered in Twinsburg, Ohio, Leiden Cabinet Company is an award-winning third-generation family-owned business that designs and manufactures store fixtures for retail establishments. Founded in 1941, the company has 135 employees across their three locations. Their manufacturing facilities in Twinsburg and Strasburg, OH, comprise a total of 210,000 square feet.

Leiden Cabinet sells its products directly to retailers, including those in the food, sporting goods, apparel, jewelry, and gift industries. The company has an in-house engineering and product management team that enables them to design and manufacture store fixtures and custom cabinetry to meet the demands of their customers.

The Need: A Reliable Cordless Phone System for Manufacturing Plant Supervisors

Providing wireless telephone extensions to key managers in the large Leiden Cabinet manufacturing plant posed a significant challenge for the company. According to the company’s Director of Finance, Greg Raymer, the use of consumer-grade cordless phones was problematic. He stated that the consumer-grade phones they were using did not perform well, providing bad call quality, lack of coverage, and less-than-durable handsets.

Raymer explained that a new phone system that delivered both reliability and durability was critical to support operations in the harsh manufacturing environment. “Users spend most of their time on the shop floor, which has a large number of machines including saws, CNCs, and power tools,” Raymer said. “We operate a wood shop, so it is a dusty environment. The shop has high ceilings (30’) and multiple pallet shelving and storage racks which may cause interference.”

“Users spend most of their time on the shop floor… We operate a wood shop so it is a dusty environment.”

Greg Raymer

Director of Finance, Leiden Cabinet Company

The Solution: EnGenius DuraFon Cordless Business Telephone Systems

Typical consumer-grade cordless phones often fail to offer the range, reliability and durability required in large environments such as Leiden Cabinet’s manufacturing plant. Premise mobility solutions such as the DuraFon systems enables businesses to extend telephone lines wirelessly to key personnel giving them the freedom to roam throughout the premises and beyond without having to worry about being out of touch.

Seeking a business-class cordless phone system that would provide plant supervisors with mobility throughout the premises while providing the durability required in this harsh environment, Leiden Cabinet contacted their telephone consultant and vendor, Big Ohio LLC. Leiden Cabinet decided to deploy the DuraFon PRO long-range multi-line expandable cordless phone system and DuraFon 1X long-range industrial cordless phone system.

The DuraFon systems deliver long-range, reliable communications that enable users to maintain communications throughout the premises and beyond over large areas and in complex environments. The company deployed the DuraFon 1X system with two handsets as a standalone telephone system and connected the DuraFon PRO with three handsets to the four-line phone system. To improve operations and efficiencies in the manufacturing center, the cordless handsets were provided to the shop foreman, plant manager, receiving department supervisor, shipping supervisor, and warehouse manager.

The Results: Reliable Cordless Phone Solution That Increases Mobility

According to Raymer, the deployment of the DuraFon systems was fairly easy and provides a more reliable telecommunications solution than their previous system.

The extreme range provided by the DuraFon systems allows Leiden personnel to roam throughout the premises and still be reached by phone regardless of where they are in the facility, increasing productivity and efficiency.

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