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ENS620EXT - Wi-Fi for Agricultural Machinery Auctions
Randy Troutwine, owner of Computer Creations, provides networking and wireless consulting and installations along with computer repair services in southeast Missouri. Recently, he was tasked with installing a wireless network for a 60,000 square foot agricultural machinery auction building.

On auction days in the facility, up to 100 client devices need to connect to the facility’s wireless, so the network needed to accommodate heavy traffic flawlessly. And because the building is a metal structure with large doors on both ends that are often left open, it needed a rugged access point that could withstand variable climates.

The owner of the auction building had previously used several different IT contractors, but Troutwine says he got the job because the owner noticed the strong Wi-Fi signals emanating from a neighboring campground, and learned that he had installed that network using EnGenius ENS1750 gateways. “I feel your equipment has helped me gain their trust and respect,” says Troutwine.

Because of his positive experiences with EnGenius products, Troutwine decided to try the EnGenius ENS620EXT Outdoor Wireless Access Point for this installation. This feature-rich AP utilizes 11ac Wave 2 and high-powered 27 dBm antennas to handle crowded client environments over long ranges efficiently. Using 2×2 MU-MIMO and beamforming technology, the AP maximizes performance and reliability.

“I am very satisfied with this device. Excellent commercial quality, well worth the money.”

Randy Troutwine

Owner of Computer Creations

Troutwine mounted the ENS620EXT 20 feet high, close to a corner side wall and connected it to a switch, which in turn connects to an EnGenius ENS202 bridged to an ENS1750 outdoor AP 400 feet away. He says this setup has eliminated the need to bury fiber optic cable leading to the building—a potential savings of thousands of dollars.

He reports that the AP “has 100% signal strength in all areas of the building and does not seem to be bothered by large machinery going by in front of it.” According to Troutwine, the ENS620EXT was put to the test with regards to “versatility and throughput, and in my opinion passed with flying colors,” and it is “working flawlessly in a tough and unusual deployment that is mission critical.”

An additional benefit Troutwine found provided by the EnGenius equipment is ease of use. The ENS620EXT “took me longer to mount it than it did to configure,” he joked. “Everything you need is in the box.” And it is easy for the auction staff to administer, “the SSID and security passkey for both 2.4 and 5 GHz is changed each auction day to control bidder registration for the day’s auction, and the lady I instructed and taught this procedure to tells me it is simple enough for her.”

Finally, Troutwine declares, “I am very satisfied with this device. Excellent commercial quality, well worth the money. I have used similar [products] from other companies that cost twice as much, and they do not even compare with how well this device works. . . [It] has great speeds and does a good job with coverage. . . . It has performed flawlessly. It’s about time somebody made one of these that does not drop clients or lock up when being used heavily. Thanks, EnGenius!”

For more information, please visit the ENS620EXT Outdoor Wireless Access Point product page.

Randy Troutwine, owner of Computer Creations, is available for your networking and computer repair needs in southeast Missouri.

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