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Custom Single-Family Estate - Southern California

EnSky Series - Real Estate Developer Chooses EnGenius for Enterprise-Grade Network in His New Home
Howard Jacobs is a multi-family and commercial developer who has been in the real estate development business for 37 years. The majority of his projects have been located in Los Angeles, though some are situated in other cities and states. Mr. Jacobs recently called upon his wealth of knowledge and experience to develop a custom single-family estate for he and his family.

The Need: Enterprise-Quality, Top-of-the-Line Network for a Four-Acre Estate

What do experts use in their personal lives, when they have the means to purchase any product they want? It is always fascinating to find that out, and Howard Jacobs is helping us answer that question where wireless networks are concerned. A real estate developer for nearly four decades, Mr. Jacobs has extensive experience with both building multi-dwelling units (MDUs) and providing wireless to residents/clients.

Jacobs was first introduced to EnGenius around eight years ago when he was looking for a wireless solution for a challenging project in Florida. A technician told him that covering five acres and delivering reliable outdoor Wi-Fi was impossible, but EnGenius helped Mr. Jacobs prove him wrong. Fast forward several years – Jacobs knew EnGenius product was a strong contender when he started working on a project very close to his heart: his private estate.

The technology deployed at the Jacobs Estate would have its work cut out for it. Set on four acres, the compound consists of three buildings: the main residence (10,000 sq. ft.), the guest house (1500 sq. ft.), and a recreation room/tennis pavilion (2000 sq. ft.). Jacobs would also deploy dozens of networked closed-circuit cameras throughout the property.

In addition, both Mr. Jacobs and his wife work out of the home and employ a home-based full-time employee, and all three have high network demands. They needed an enterprise-quality, top-of-the-line network, and Mr. Jacobs chose to partner with EnGenius.

“Your product was far more cost-effective than other products that did much less. They are very cost-competitive. To me it was like getting a Rolls Royce or a Mercedes for less than a Chevy,”

Howard Jacobs

Multi-Family and Commercial Developer

The Solution: EnGenius EnSky Series

This deployment truly was a partnership; Mr. Jacobs and his contractors worked very closely with the EnGenius sales and engineering teams to design and optimize his future network. A heat map illustrated the predicted coverage, and once the plan was perfected and finalized the product was installed.”

The following devices were deployed at the Jacobs Estate:

  • Three (3) EWS350AP access points
  • Twelve (12) EWS550AP access points
  • Five (5) EWS7952FP 48-port switches for the main residence & rec room
  • One (1) EWS7928FP 24-port switch for the recreation room
  • One (1) EWS5912FP 8-port switch for the guest house
  • One (1) EWS660AP for exterior coverage of the pool area
Far from what might be installed in a “typical home,” these devices comprise an enterprise-grade network in a private home setting. Mr. Jacobs’ on-site technician – business owner Leo Linesch of Wiring Unlimited – was previously unfamiliar with EnGenius products. However, our field application engineers were happy to answer any questions and to help fine-tune the Jacobs’ network throughout the installation process.

The Result: Superior Performance at a Moderate Price

Covering such a vast acreage and square footage is no easy feat, but it is simple when you work with EnGenius. Mr. Jacobs took advantage of our complimentary services to help him design and customize his network, ensuring the perfect fit for his custom home and the grounds of his estate.

Not only did EnGenius products deliver excellent coverage, but they also did so at a fraction of the price the customer expected to pay. Mr. Jacobs, who was not restricted by price when designing his network, is very pleased with the cost/performance ratio. “Your product was far more cost-effective than other products that did much less. They are very cost-competitive. To me it was like getting a Rolls Royce or a Mercedes for less than a Chevy,” Jacobs said.

Mr. Jacobs plans to use EnGenius products in his future business projects, including one that has been submitted to the City of Oceanside. “It’s a 90-unit, very high-end resort-style multifamily product. We provide free Internet like hotels typically do. I would absolutely use EnGenius product without hesitation,” he said.

Using EnGenius for both home and business networks is the best possible endorsement we can imagine. Follow the lead of an industry expert and contact the EnGenius team today. Let us help you design your next network!

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