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Refreshing Mountain Retreat - Lancaster County, PA

EnSky Series - EnGenius Brings Reliable Wi-Fi to 80 Acres of Woodland
Refreshing Mountain Retreat and Adventure Center (RMRAC) hosts conferences and day events for groups of 10 – 500 people. RMRAC has three styles of lodging, including cabins, hotel-style, and dorm-style bunk houses. Their activities include nearly a mile of zip lines, a ropes course, paint ball, a swimming pool, nature studies and more. The RMRAC mission is to provide their guests a refreshing place to get away and be active outdoors.

The Need: Consistent Wi-Fi for Hundreds of Guests “Retreating to Nature”

The Refreshing Mountain Retreat and Adventure Center is located on 80 acres of Pennsylvania woodland. The center is a perfect place to escape from the city, enjoy the outdoors – and to enjoy your wireless devices! Though the RMRAC helps people “get away from it all,” virtually all of its visitors bring their tech with them: smart phones, tablets, and computers.

Today’s trend of staying connected 24/7 is evident at the RMRAC, even amongst the trees and meadows. Guests take selfies by the pool, shoot smart phone videos while whizzing through the air on zip lines, and pose for photos while astride the facility’s horses. Memories are made, captured, and shared with family and friends via social media while on site.

The Refreshing Mountain Retreat and Adventure Center has hundreds of guests daily during peak season, and its previous technology – a common Wi-Fi platform – was not reliable. The center’s old Wi-Fi was hard to configure and required manual point-to-point updates that were both challenging and time-consuming.

The RMRAC needed a reliable wireless system that would perform consistently on the vast, forested property. The system had to be easy to set up and maintain while also being cost-effective, and robust enough to serve hundreds of devices simultaneously. RMRAC found its solution in EnGenius.

“It was very quick for us. It took us less than a day, and all the access points saw each other right away”

Justin Harnish

Office Manager at Refreshing Mountain Retreat

The Solution: EnGenius EnSky Series Wireless – Technology Among the Trees

The EnGenius EnSky Series is a great fit for the Refreshing Mountain Retreat and Adventure Center. Justin Harnish, the facility’s Office Manager, explained how easy it was to install and set up. “It was very quick for us. It took us less than a day, and all the access points saw each other right away,” he said.

The EnSky Series also helped keep costs down. According to Harnish, “We chose the EnGenius EnSky Series because it was a one-time purchase fee versus a monthly or recurring subscription fee.”

Another problem solved? Updating and maintaining the system. “With the managed network that EnGenius provides, doing a group update to firmware and to security standards is seamless, and so much more time efficient to push out across the network,” Harnish said.

The ezMaster Network Management Software saves users time and resources with its easy-to-use web interface, simplified bulk configuration, and one-click updates. Automated AP provisioning and intuitive configuration tools help streamline mass AP deployments. EzMaster’s ease of use comes in handy for smaller businesses like the RMRAC, and also for companies with hundreds of APs spread across multiple locations.

The Result: Reliable Wi-Fi for Both Staff & Guests in the Midst of Nature’s Majesty

The EnGenius EnSky Series provides the reliable coverage that was lacking at the remote retreat and adventure center. The deployed equipment brings peace of mind to the staff, knowing the company equipment will function as needed.

“The benefits that we have now include the ability to separate out the guest network versus the admin network. It allows us to keep the office running full-tilt and still provide good service to the guests,” Justin Harnish said.

Earning repeat business means giving excellent service the first time – every time – and EnGenius helps the staff at RMRAC provide that to their guests. According to Harnish, “At peak season, when we have over 400 people on-site looking for Wi-Fi, we don’t need problems. We need things to work and to run well, and EnGenius EnSky Series has provided that Wi-Fi consistency for us to serve those guests well.”

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