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Lam Wah Ee Hospital - Penang, Malaysia

EnGenius Cloud ECW120: How an aging, post-WWII charitable hospital in Malaysia received a license-free, fully managed Wi-Fi upgrade.

Lam Wah Ee Hospital in Penang, Malaysia is a charitable medical facility originally built in 1883, which served the Chinese as well as other needy communities in Malaysia. Unfortunately, the building was destroyed by bombing during WWII, so funds were raised to rebuild it in 1955.

The current eight-story hospital sits in the town of Jelutong and serves as an acute care facility with 700 beds and a comprehensive range of medical services and resources. A nursing college is also housed in the 9-acre complex.

The Need

The decades-old facility had an equally aging network infrastructure. Administrators began looking into a full Wi-Fi upgrade that would provide seamless connectivity throughout the hospital corridors and in the individual hospital rooms without interfering with the medical equipment.

The hospital also wanted a license-free solution that could be managed remotely. They contacted EnGenius Singapore for a consultation.

The Solution

Ultimately, EnGenius recommended and installed sixty 2×2 11ac/ax cloud-managed ECW120 access points, which were placed strategically throughout the corridors of the hospital complex—providing a strong, steady signal inside and outside hospital rooms while mitigating possible interference from medical equipment.

With a simple, centralized, and visualized Cloud dashboard on both a web and mobile app, network managers found it easy to monitor and maintain the network from any location.

The Result

Hospital administrators were satisfied with the new Wi-Fi network solution for several reasons. Compared to other enterprise solutions, EnGenius access points provide better coverage without expensive licensing or subscription fees.

Everything is now managed in the Cloud, making an onsite host server unnecessary. The cloud dashboard and monitoring interface provide at-a-glance statistical charts and graphs, which can be viewed on a laptop (web GUI) or mobile app.

Lastly, since the ECW120 is an 802.11ac Wave 2 access point, it takes advantage of the large 160 GHz bands, which are capable of handling multiple devices simultaneously and efficiently, including critical medical equipment.

In a hospital setting, steady Wi-Fi can sometimes mean the difference between life and death. Lam Wah Ee Hospital has confidence that its new EnGenius network upgrade can meet the communications challenges to help mitigate that difference.

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