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Which Island’s Luxurious Beaches and Smooth Wi-Fi Attract 750k Visitors Every Year? - Norderney Island, Germany

EnSky: ENH1350EXT provides an entire North Sea island with durable, reliable Wi-Fi coverage

Norderney Island sits just off the North Sea coast of Germany and is one of several islands that form the Frisian Island archipelago that protects the mainland from harsh weather. Norderney has an area of approximately 10.2 square miles and a population of nearly 6,000 people. It hosts 750,000+ visitors each year who usually take a 50-minute ferry ride from the village of Norddeich to the sandy beaches of Norderney.

The Lower Saxon Wadden Sea National Park takes up the entire eastern side of the island and is one of Norderney’s key tourist attractions along with other popular features like the spa gardens and the dune landscape. The island has an average maritime climate with fluctuating temperatures and rain virtually every month of the year.

The Need

In an effort to strengthen the economy of Norderney, mySPOT Marketing GmbH decided to install a Wi-Fi upgrade across the island. mySPOT is a nationwide operating company whose objective is driving digitalization in Germany. Its core business is to establish a regional network of public Wi-Fi hotspots sponsored by local players that can be used for marketing and information purposes. Their project in Norderney was intended to increase the attractiveness of the island for visitors and to support tourism—the most important industry in Norderney next to fishing.

The challenge included choosing a system that could provide perfect coverage for the entire island with devices rugged enough to withstand a saltwater sea, extremes in temperature, and a perennially wet climate. The solution also needed to support tens of thousands of residents and tourists and their personal devices.

“Solid Wi-Fi coverage is available across the island for more than 70,000 residents and users every month — guaranteed.”

Dominik Vogt

Chief Information Officer of mySPOT

The Solution

The ENH1350EXT from EnGenius was selected to satisfy the requirements for the Wi-Fi network on Norderney. With its top IP67 weather rating, the ENH1350EXT would prove suitable for use in the rough outdoor environment of Norderney. In addition, the Wave 2 MU-MIMO feature would prove more than adequate to provide residents and tourists with seamless Wi-Fi as they move about the island.

Specifically, the solution included fourteen ENH1350EXT MU-MIMO wireless access points placed strategically about the island. Since roaming is essential to the Wi-Fi solution used on Norderney, mySPOTs City Link feature was added to complement the fast roaming (802.11r & 802.11k) capability of ENH1350EXT.

EnGenius also partnered with Janis Meyer who is the marketing and project manager for AG Reederei Norden-Frisia, a ferry company that provides transportation to Norderney and Juist Islands in the North Sea. Meyer was pleased about the impact on business stating, “This project strengthens the connection between Frisia Norderney, local businesses, and tourists with a modern and innovative solution.”

The Result

More than 70,000 visitors per month have been using #free-FRISIA-wireless since the start of Wi-Fi service on the island, making restaurateurs and retailers very happy. Visitors are also thrilled that they can now use the internet for free during their vacation. EnGenius has proven to be a reliable hardware partner and strong signal provider for the entire North Sea island.

mySPOT has also implemented an advertising feature allowing the ferry company and its partners to insert a five-second advertisement or announcement before the user is connected to Wi-Fi.

The ENH1350EXT access point—along with a PoE adapter—was designed to be installed effortlessly at virtually any outdoor location regardless of its proximity to power outlets. It’s the ideal wireless solution for indoor and outdoor residential and commercial applications.

Dominik Vogt, chief information officer of mySPOT, stated that the high overall stability and reliability of data transfer ensures that “solid Wi-Fi coverage is available across the island for more than 70,000 residents and users every month—guaranteed.”

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