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Cox Systems Technology - Oklahoma City, OK

DuraFon PRO - Grocery Superchain
Founded in 1936, Cox Systems Technology has a long history in the field of communications. Located in Oklahoma City, Cox Systems provides services and equipment for sound, varied communication systems, closed-circuit television (CCTV), master antenna television (MATV), nurse call, and a full range of security and emergency notification systems.

According to Vice President Jerry Cooper, Cox Systems relies upon EnGenius Technologies’ long-range DuraFon cordless phones to provide reliable voice communications for customers that need to maintain quality communications across large retail or warehouse spaces.

The Need: Grocery Superstore Requires Instant Communication Throughout Store and Across Its Property

Crest Foods, one of the largest grocery store chains in Oklahoma, had a communications challenge due to the sheer size of each store and the surrounding properties. Crest’s store managers needed to communicate with key employees, whether they were collecting carts in the far reaches of the parking lot, stocking shelves inside the store, or on the loading dock in the back lot.

“The phones that the stores were using just didn’t provide adequate coverage,” explained Cooper. “They didn’t have the power or the clarity that the EnGenius phones offer. If you took the handsets from their old system and went to the back of the store, your chances of being able to communicate at all were pretty small.”

Another Need? Hardy Handsets.

As for the physical handsets themselves, they had to be very durable – able to withstand repeated drops on concrete and blacktop. The phones also needed to endure a variety of environmental conditions. Handsets might go from refrigerated areas indoors to the hot and humid – or cold weather outside, depending on conditions in Oklahoma.

The Solution: DuraFon PRO Long-Range Cordless Phone System

Cox Systems replaced Crest’s old phone system with EnGenius DuraFon PRO handsets. The system is expandable and supports up to 90 PRO or DuraWalkie handsets. “We’re using IP-based desk telephones for the administrative employees, but each department manager, floor superintendent – and other key personnel – each carries wireless EnGenius phones,” said Cooper.

While the employees use the DuraFon primarily for the walkie-talkie function, the DuraFon’s base stations connect into the store’s landlines. Floor managers carrying handsets can call the warehouse to have product brought out to the sales floor, while department managers can answer transferred inbound calls from customers with inquiries, which improves efficiency and customer service.

DuraFon PRO also provides super sturdy handsets. The rugged materials and weatherproof casing are up to the challenge of the grocery store’s harsh environment. Handsets will withstand repeated drops from up to six feet onto concrete. In addition, the operating temperature for the DuraFon PRO is between 14- and 140-degrees Fahrenheit, ensuring the DuraFon PRO will perform – regardless of the conditions the store’s refrigeration or the Oklahoma climate may dish up.

Finally, DuraFon’s extensive range enables coverage of up to 250,000 square feet. That, combined with the DuraFon PRO’s multiple functions and durability, make this system an excellent match for most retail and warehouse-based businesses covering large areas – including Crest Foods.

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