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Top Malaysian University Acquires Seamless Wi-Fi Upgrade for Student Housing Units - Sarawak, Malaysia

EnGenius Cloud: Curtin University Wi-Fi upgrade for students living off campus goes off without a hitch.

Curtin University is ranked in the top 1% of Malaysian universities and has established its presence in the Asia Pacific.

Established in 2002, the 300-acre campus sits in the midst of open flatland that stretches all the way to the Baram River, where the Trans-Borneo Highway and the ASEAN Bridge links Miri to neighboring Brunei.

The Need

Curtin University needed to upgrade the Wi-Fi in their off-campus student housing: Lakeside Apartments. As the deployment was in the midst of the pandemic, they needed a solution that could be deployed swiftly and safely without interrupting their daily activities.

The solution needed real-time monitoring and comprehensive network performance reports. It also needed to be robust enough to serve 500 students in 220 rooms with a maximum of 1,000 connected devices.

The Solution

EnGenius Cloud license-free SMB network management solution met Curtin’s budget and need for easy, fast deployment.

The EnGenius Cloud solution allowed the IT department to quickly pre-configure and plan all their deployments on the Cloud. EnGenius Cloud’s multi-tenancy structure also allowed designated areas to be assigned to specific IT support.

The IT department also saved time by replicating the configurations and provisioning them on the dashboard. The simplified visual dashboard and topology view would allow the support team to identify issues and address them remotely.

The full Cloud solution included the following network devices:

ECW120 x 110 – 2×2 11ac, ceiling mount access points
ECW220 x 12 – 2×2 11ax, ceiling mount access points
ECS1528FP x 6 – Gigabit, 24-port L2+ managed, 4 x SFP+, 410W PoE switches

The Result

All of the access points and switches were pre-configured allowing the installation team to deploy them in phases, scheduling installation for minimal interruption to campus activities.

The plug-and-play feature made installation even easier.

Although the coverage area was enormous, the EnGenius Cloud 11ac and 11ax access point signal was strong enough to penetrate the classrooms, student apartments, and hostel rooms. They also proved capable of handling the heavy traffic throughout the campus, lecture halls, and student housing.

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