Landmark Hotel Pairs Renovations With Wi-Fi Upgrade - Gettysburg, PA

EnGenius Cloud: The owners of the 19th-century Union Hotel in Gettysburg restored the building to its former glory—while incorporating modern updates.

The Union Hotel in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, has a long and fascinating history. The two-story “Sign of the Buck” tavern and roadhouse opened its doors in 1804 to accommodate those traveling to the western frontier of Pennsylvania and the wilds beyond. The hotel was known as the Union Hotel when war came to Gettysburg’s door and the building served as a hospital for wounded soldiers as the smoke cleared in town. In 1888, a third and fourth floor were added to the hotel—then named the City Hotel—in order to house veterans of the Civil War who returned to Gettysburg for the 25th anniversary of the battle.

Though the establishment has gone by almost a dozen different monikers over the years, its newest owners, Leslie Trew Magraw and Andrew Johnson, thought the Union Hotel fit their vision best. Throughout the 20th century, the building has been used for various purposes—as a hotel, boarding house, apartment building, youth hostel—and at one time or another has housed a tavern, pharmacy, barbershop, bowling alley, and art gallery on its first floor.

The local couple bought the Union Hotel in August 2019 and quickly got to work on renovations. Though they could have never guessed that a pandemic was around the corner, it turns out 2020 was an ideal time to bring new life to the historic hotel. The couple are currently developing the first floor into a full bar and restaurant. They plan to call the establishment the Sign of the Buck, bringing the property full circle to its 1804 roots.

The Need

The Union Hotel property had been through so many different owners by the time Leslie and Andrew purchased it, the Wi-Fi consisted of a mishmash of residential equipment and extenders that just couldn’t do the job.

When structural and aesthetic renovations were complete in April 2021, the owners debuted 12 new luxury suites with names intended to honor people who helped to preserve the Union—such as Thaddeus Stevens, Elizabeth Thorn, Lloyd Watts, Company K. The largest and most impressive suite is named for Abraham Lincoln. For Magraw, who serves on the board of the Adams County Historical Society, showcasing the property’s unique and storied history was of vital importance. “We are honored to be counted among a long line of stewards of this beautiful building,” she says.

The upgraded suites have attracted visitors from all over the country, including Washington, D.C. For the business, political, and professional clientele staying at Union Hotel, fast and reliable Wi-Fi was crucial. And though guests were enthusiastic about the updated rooms, and lavished the hotel with glowing reviews, more than a few noted a weak Wi-Fi connection. The owners decided a technology upgrade was in order to bring the hotel up to the modern standards most travelers now expect.

“After several engineers tried to figure out how to do it, they found some entryways and decided to place the cable on the outside of the building with outdoor cable…”

Barry Arendt

Founder, ThinkEzIt

The Solution

Leslie and Andrew contacted Barry Arendt, founder of ThinkEzIt, who assessed the property and recommended an EnGenius Cloud solution consisting of a combination of Wi-Fi 6 access points and switches. Specifically, the solution included the following products:

  • ECW220 EnGenius Cloud Managed Wi-Fi 6 2×2 Indoor Wireless Access Points – 9 units
  • ECS1528 EnGenius Cloud Managed 24-Port Network Switch – 1 unit
  • Arendt collaborated with Jay Johnson and Tim Penny, founders and owners of Fiber Guyz in Camp Hill, PA, to build the network and lay the fiber cable.

    Because of the building’s history and age, it was important to the owners that they maintain as much of its authenticity as possible, so running the cable proved to be a challenge. “After several engineers tried to figure out how to do it, they found some entryways and decided to place the cable on the outside of the building with outdoor cable,” Barry says.

    “We had to use wire molding to hide the wires, but at the same time, make it aesthetically pleasing for the guests,” he explains. “So, you can’t just go to Lowes and buy some junk wire molding. Instead, we special ordered some wire molding that looked like it belonged to an old building.”

    The Results

    When the installation was complete, the hotel owners were thrilled with the results. And so were their guests. Not only did the EnGenius Wi-Fi 6 solution meet all their connectivity needs, but the installation was done stylishly and in a way that preserved the property’s historical charm.

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