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Quality Inn - Louisville, MS

EnSky Series - Indoor Wi-Fi at the Quality Inn
The Quality Inn is an owner-operated two-floor, 50 room hotel. Accommodations for business travelers include a small on-site meeting room and basic business services.

One of the most important benefits that the Quality Inn provides to its guests is free wireless Internet access throughout the entire property. This wireless network is also used by hotel management and staff members to conduct daily business activities.

The hotel owner-operator contacted Jeff Keenan of Keenan Systems and asked for a solution to replace their aging wireless network infrastructure.

Keenan Systems, an EnGenius Master Reseller, provided technical and sales support to the owner/operator during the selection and deployment of the hotel’s wireless networking solution.

The Need: A Reliable, Managed Wireless Network Infrastructure for Guests and Staff

According to Jeff Keenan, President and CEO of Keenan Systems, the hotel was having connectivity issues with its old wireless network. One of the issues was the challenging building construction itself.  “In addition to cinder block walls between the guest rooms, they were using older access points and consumer-grade routers,” Keenan explained.  “The management received constant complaints from their guests relating to connectivity issues and slow network performance.”  Though the hotel had a working wireless network, its performance did not support the usage demanded by their guests.

Keenan knew that the hotel needed a more robust wireless network solution, but the system would have to provide more than just long-range, fast speeds, and reliable connectivity. The hotel needed a managed wireless LAN solution that could be easily deployed by a person without an IT background and could be monitored and managed remotely by the hotel’s management company.

“The EnGenius EnSky Series is an ideal affordable solution for businesses that need a managed solution.”

Jeff Keenan

President and CEO, Keenan Systems

The Solution: EnGenius EnSky Series Wireless Management Solution

After considering the available budget, environmental challenges, and the need for a managed solution, Keenan recommended the EnGenius EnSky Series Wireless Management Solution.

“One of the main challenges was that the hotel needed a managed solution, but they did not have a large budget for the project,” Keenan said.  “The EnGenius EnSky Series is an ideal affordable solution for businesses that need a managed solution with business-class features, but do not need to have all of the features of an enterprise-class solution.”

The Quality Inn purchased the EWS5912FP EnSky Series 8-Port GigE PoE+ Wireless Management Controller and Switch and several EWS310AP EnSky Series Dual-Band Wireless N600 Managed Indoor Access Points. The EnSky Series is a scalable solution that makes it easy to deploy, monitor, and centrally manage numerous EnSky Series wireless access points from a simple and accessible browser-based software platform.

According to Keenan, despite not having an IT background the hotel owner was able to quickly install the EnSky Series Wireless Management Solution without any issues. The hotel management company handles network monitoring and management remotely from their corporate office.

The Results: An Easy-to-Deploy Managed Business-Class Wireless Solution

The EnGenius EnSky Series wireless management solution deployed quickly and has eliminated guest complaints regarding network connectivity and performance throughout the property.

By replacing the older wireless access points and consumer-grade routers with the new EnGenius EnSky Series, the Quality Inn now benefits from a high-reliability network provided through a series of high-speed, long-range, business class access points. In addition, the ability to remotely monitor and manage the access points through the EnSky Series wireless management switch saves time for the network administrator by making it easy to simultaneously configure and maintain the managed access points and optimize the network performance from a remote central location.

“The ability of the EnGenius EnSky Series to be deployed by a person without an IT background and centrally managed from a corporate headquarters or management company makes it an ideal solution for many small businesses such as this,” Keenan stated.

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