Neutron Series

Distributed Network Management Solution

Today’s networks must be flexible and robust to meet the needs of the organizations they serve. Often comprised of different sizes, infrastructures, and locations, these distributed networks can place an enormous burden on in-house IT personnel or managed service providers (MSPs) looking to manage, monitor and upgrade a potentially vast number of access points and switches.

The Neutron Distributed Network Management Solution is the answer!

This highly flexible, scalable, fully integrated solution offers simplified configuration and management with enterprise-class performance, feature-rich hardware and centralized network management, at an incredible price point.

“The deployment of the Neutron Series has been a hidden gem…its very simple, it’s very consistent, and in the end, it works very well.”

Dan Rogers

Solutions Architect | All Covered IT Services, Konica Minolta

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Complete Scalability Regardless of Size

Neutron is ideal for organizations of any size, with networks to match. Neutron makes it easy to deploy and manage a few APs or more. Start small and grow; control networks in separate buildings; expand and even connect networks between cities, regions and countries.

Manage a few or 1,000+ APs on an unlimited number of networks

Unlimited Flexibility

Need coverage indoors and out? Want to manage surveillance cameras, APs and Switches on the same network? Prefer onsite control with remote management flexibility? Neutron is flexible enough to meet your needs.

Operate Neutron APs alone or centrally manage an unlimited number of Neutron EWS devices via ezMaster™ locally, remotely or via a cloud-based service.

Compare EnGenius Hybrid Solution Controller-based Vendor Cloud-based Vendor
Access Points

EnGenius Hybrid Solution: $599
Controller-based Vendor: $795
Cloud-based Vendor: $1,399

802.11ac 3 x 3 : 3 Streams


802.11ac 3 x 3 : 3 Streams


802.11ac 3 x 3 : 3 Streams


Hardware Controller

EnGenius Hybrid Solution: 0
Controller-based Vendor: 1
Cloud-based Vendor: 0





EnGenius Hybrid Solution: 0
Controller-based Vendor: 0
Cloud-based Vendor: 3,750 per year



$3,750 per year


EnGenius Hybrid Solution: 0
Controller-based Vendor: $4,000
Cloud-based Vendor: 0




Firmware Upgrade

EnGenius Hybrid Solution: 0
Controller-based Vendor: $3,600
Cloud-based Vendor: 0




Total Cost (USD)

EnGenius Hybrid Solution: $14,975
Controller-based Vendor: $27,475
Cloud-based Vendor: $38,725


Unmatched Affordability

Many competing solutions require costly hardware, per AP licensing, cloud management subscriptions and technical support fees. Not with the Neutron Series. Since its also easy to deploy, manage and operate, you will save valuable time and resources all translating to manageable, predictable costs – and a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) per deployment.

Optimized Wireless Performance

Monitor the RF environment with Background Scanning and ensure smooth, reliable connectivity for users as they move about the network with standards-based roaming. 11ac Wave 2 Multi-User (MU) MIMO enhances performance for expanded user capacity and efficiently services crowded locations with Beamforming technology for optimal signal and reception reliability.

Distributed Control, Centralized Management With ezMaster

Centrally manage Neutron networks from a single dashboard, regardless of location. EzMaster simplifies bulk configuration, provisioning and monitoring with rich analytics and reporting. Manage devices locally through the Neutron Switch’s onboard tools and deploy ezMaster locally, remotely or via a cloud-based service.

Simplified Deployment & Provisioning

Automated AP provisioning and intuitive configuration tools help streamline mass AP deployments.
And since the Neutron Series is easy to deploy, manage and operate, without an extensive learning curve, you will spend less on network management travel costs and system training.

Neutron Managed Gigabit Switches: A Full-Featured Platform

Neutron Switches support full-feature Layer 2 functionality with onboard tools for managing up to 50 Neutron APs. These feature-packed switches give IT administrators robust management options and visibility into all connected Neutron devices.

Versatile AP Portfolio Features High-Capacity 11ac

Neutron’s versatile line of high-performance, managed, indoor and outdoor ruggedized APs range from single-band 11n models to high-capacity 11ac Wave 2 versions with Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) convenience. Operate as stand-alone APs, manage them with a Neutron Switch or centrally manage devices via ezMaster software.

Create Secure, Branded Captive Portal

Offer Internet access to patrons or visitors with Neutron’s Captive Portal and Guest Network capabilities. Provide secure, regulated access; customize splash pages and establish a protected Guest Network. Create separate Virtual LANs for increased security, network reliability, and bandwidth conservation.

AP MeshCam™ Mesh Surveillance System

One installation provides a dual-functional 11ac managed access point with mesh capabilities and an integrated IP camera. This aesthetically pleasing, feature-rich system simplifies wiring challenges and is perfect for large residences, retail shops, and anywhere you need both Wi-Fi and surveillance coverage. Receive email alerts with motion or audio-detected triggers and monitor cameras through the included Video Management Software and EnViewer™ Mobile App.

Comprehensive Network Protection

Protect your network with advanced security via Wi-Fi Protected Access Encryption and 802.1X authentication database. Potential breaches are quickly detected and avoided through rogue AP detection, email alerts, and real-time invasion monitoring, allowing for immediate action to divert network hacks and other security threats.

Rich Reporting & Analytics

A wealth of invaluable reporting, analytics, and real-time monitoring tools give you instant insight into system efficiencies and issues. Pinpoint and address potential problems before they affect users and gain centralized network visibility in areas such as traffic flow, demand, network topology and more.