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Universidad Interamericana - Puerto Rico

EWS377AP/EWS850AP: Campus of one of Puerto Rico’s most prestigious ecumenical Christian universities receives Wi-Fi 6 network.

Universidad Interamericana Puerto Rico recently celebrated its 61-year anniversary providing its 2,300+ student body with college-level certifications, undergraduate, and graduate degrees in a number of disciplines including education, business administration, accounting, and biotechnology.

It’s sprawling four-acre campus includes a newly-inaugurated Multipurpose Center, a three-story structure adjacent to the remodeled gate that frames the physical environment of the campus. Built in 2008, this new structure includes a modern gym with changing rooms, cafeteria, student center, facilities for people with disabilities, communications room, indoor court area, and administrative offices.

The Need

The university was overdue for a brand new network installation solution to provide students with a local intranet, internet access, and reliable, high-speed Wi-Fi across the campus. Pablo Rosario, the university’s programming analyst, consulted with Comm Solutions to plan the deployment of the new campus network.

Comm Solutions has been a telecommunications contractor in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico for more than 13 years, serving primarily in the building equipment contractor industry.

The Solution

Stakeholders settled on the EnSky on-premises Wi-Fi solution, which included a mix of 53 access points installed throughout the campus grounds. Working with Jose Roman, the technical manager of Comm Solutions, the university had a campus-wide Wi-Fi assessment performed to deploy the APs strategically on the sides of buildings and poles. The APs installed on poles also included energy-efficient battery backups.

Specifically, the solution included 31 EWS850AP outdoor access points and 22 EWS377AP indoor access points. Both multi-gig APs feature the best in Wi-Fi 6 technology guaranteed to handle high capacity environments with greater speed and efficiency—making the system ideal for thousands of students, faculty, and staff with multiple devices.

The Result

The whole campus is now covered with a strong, consistent Wi-Fi signal to every client no matter where they are on campus—even parking lots. The Wi-Fi 6 solution proved more than capable of handling the university’s high density environment.

Rosario, the campus programming analyst, reported an incredibly smooth installation process and excellent equipment performance.

EnGenius management and AP features like OFDMA, MU-MIMO, and spatial reuse allow APs to run more efficiently (at 3.5 Gbps) in high-capacity environments while consuming less power. This enterprise-level, future-proof Wi-Fi 6 solution will keep Universidad Interamericana Puerto Rico well-connected for a long time to come.

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