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Garden City Water Park - Phnom Penh, Cambodia

EWS377AP/ENH1350EXT: Massive waterpark in Cambodia’s capital city receives equally substantial Wi-Fi installation to provide guests with seamless connection.

Garden City Water Park is a large waterpark situated in the southern region of Cambodia in the heart of the capital. The park was designed with families in mind and features four enormous waterslides: the Super Bowl, Abyss, Boomerango, and Constrictor. It also boasts a wave pool with 10-foot waves, a beautiful manmade waterfall, and a wave river.

The park was built with the help of a $55 million investment by the LYP Group, a conglomerate managing many businesses in Cambodia. The water park is situated inside the Garden City satellite city where the LYP Group operates the $10-million Phnom Penh Safari Park, which has been in operation since 2018.

The Need

Garden City Water Park did not have adequate Wi-Fi coverage for the entire property. The grounds stretch across nearly 25 acres of land, requiring a network solution with seamless, uninterrupted connectivity for all staff and guests.

Water park administrators also wanted a solution that allowed centralized network management of network devices for monitoring, troubleshooting, and configuration.

The Solution

The EnGenius solution consisted of a suite of indoor and outdoor access points as well as ezMaster network management software, which allows IT staff to configure and maintain multiple sites and thousands of devices, all with no license or subscription fees.

Specifically, the solution included the following 30 access points:

  • • 23 units – ENH1350EXT wave 3 outdoor 11ac, 2×2, MU-MIMO, dual-band wireless access points
  • • 7 units – EWS377AP 802.11ax, 4×4, managed wireless access points

  • The Result

    Once the system was configured, installed, and tested, visitors and staff of the water park began to enjoy complete, seamless coverage throughout the property. The ENH1350EXT outdoor access points reached speeds of up to 867 Mbps on 5 GHz and 400 Mbps on the 2.4 GHz frequency band, supplying everyone with fast, uninterrupted connectivity.

    The slim, low-profile EWS377AP access point features a Qualcomm chipset to run the device more efficiently, consume less power, and provide maximum speed. Placed strategically throughout the grounds, the access points provided fast, consistent coverage with no dead spots at all for Cambodia’s largest water park.

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