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Data Technology Solutions - Breaux Bridge, LA

DuraFon Series - Multi-Line Long-Range Cordless Phones
Data Technology Solutions (DTS) is a communications company that provides state-of-the-art communications equipment including satellite communications, wireless broadband communications, two-way radios, and intercom systems to customers in the oil and gas government/military, and disaster recovery markets.

The Need: Ruggedized, Reliable, High-Performance Intercom for Oil Rig Operations

The uniquely challenging work and living environments aboard oil rigs demand specialized communications systems to ensure the productivity and safety of the crew. Addressing the communications needs of oil and gas research and exploration companies aboard oil rigs is one of the primary specialties of DTS.

According to Operations Manager Lance Darbonne, DTS was recently hired by a company seeking to consolidate all the communications services for its rig sites under a single vendor.

Among the systems needed was a cordless phone system utilizing mobile handsets to create an intercom system, providing communications between various key personnel aboard the rig.

Darbonne explained that in addition to being extremely rugged and durable, the mobile handsets would need to provide voice clarity and extended range to enable communications across the rig and at all elevations.

“The customer liked the performance, reliability and ruggedness provided by the EnGenius DuraFon.”

Lance Darbonne

Operations Manager, Data Technology Solutions

The Solution: EnGenius DuraFon PRO

In selecting the intercom solution that they would deploy, DTS didn’t have to look far. “The customer requirements told us to use what they were currently using on the rig and they were already using the EnGenius DuraFon,” explained Darbonne. “The customer liked the performance, reliability and ruggedness provided by the EnGenius DuraFon.”

“We had actually offered the customer a different long-range cordless phone when we initially put together our solution offering,” stated Darbonne. “One of the problems with the initial system we offered was that they weren’t as clear or nearly as rugged as the EnGenius DuraFon. Guys on the rig aren’t known for handling equipment too gently.”

Darbonne explained that the deployment of the EnGenius DuraFon PRO system was quick and easy. “It’s pretty much plug and play. We set up the base station and installed the external antenna then gave the handsets out to the guys on the rig. Very easy.”

The Results: Performance and Durability Set the DuraFon Apart from the Competitors

While the customer realized the performance and durability benefits that only the DuraFon PRO system could provide and demanded that the EnGenius system be deployed on all the rigs, DTS wasn’t sold on the DuraFon system until they actually saw it in action.

“We were actually using a different vendor for our long-range cordless phone deployments,” explained Darbonne. “But after using DuraFon PRO for this project I’m leaning toward pushing these instead of the previous vendor due to the performance of the devices and, particularly, the ruggedness of the handsets.”

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