Healthcare Assisted Living Case Study

Golden Hill Nursing & Rehabilitation Center - Kingston, NY

EnSky Series - Nursing Facility Upgrades Wi-Fi & Patient Care
Independent Computer Maintenance (ICM) is a full-service IT managed service provider for small businesses located in New Jersey. Golden Hill Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, a 280-bed skilled nursing facility, hired ICM to upgrade the Wi-Fi network at its sizable facility.

The Need: Robust, High-Speed Wi-Fi to Support Treatment, Patients, and Guests

Golden Hill recently spent millions of dollars to renovate its Kingston, New York facility. More than a mere facelift, this renovation included a major overhaul to their care program, technology, and wireless infrastructure. According to Jacqueline Sylvia, Golden Hill/VestraCare Chief Operating Officer, the facility also launched a Telistat Restorative Care Unit. The Telistat unit makes up 80 of the facility’s 280-bed capacity.

“It’s a highly specialized unit where we’re offering telemedicine and telemetry … More importantly, we’re offering services for subacute patients coming from the hospital to the skilled nursing facility, so we can prepare them to go back to live in the community,” said Sylvia. Telemedicine uses telecommunications and information technology to provide patients clinical health care from a distance.

The success of this Telistat Unit, which connects nurses and their patients at Golden Hill to doctors in remote locations in real-time, relies heavily on a stable wireless network. The technology Golden Hill used before the upgrade was an antiquated, slower wireless technology that failed to support this state-of-the-art medical unit or meet the demands of patients and visitors.

Golden Hill needed the latest Wi-Fi technology installed throughout the building, “… so that any resident, family (member), or consultant coming into the facility would have the opportunity to connect to the Internet at any time,” stated Sylvia. “By having a high-speed service, it allows real-time documentation, real-time medication administration.”

“The management that the EnSky Series provides is amazing; it’s full functionality. We’re able to upload floor plans so in case an access point goes down we’re able to find that access point very easily and fix the problem – even remotely,”

Donny Weinraub

Director of New Business Development at ICM

The Solution: The EnSky Series

Donny Weinraub, Director of New Business Development at ICM, carefully considered which equipment to deploy at Golden Hill. “The biggest challenge of implementing a wireless solution of this magnitude in a facility like this… would be speed and connections,” explained Weinraub.

ICM decided to deploy the EnGenius EnSky Series. “The EnGenius solution made sense here … for two reasons. One, the best bang for your buck. The other part of it is the management aspect … (this) was definitely key for us,” said Weinraub. Donny went on to explain that with a building the size of Golden Hill, the management aspect was critical.

The Result: Improved Patient Care and a High-Density, Easy-to-Manage Network

The EnSky Series allows Golden Hills to bring enhanced, ground-breaking care to its patients, and also enables the integration of technologies into everyday life, according to Sylvia. EnSky provides excellent Wi-Fi to all users at Golden Hill – whether they are doctors, nurses, patients, or family members who have stopped by the facility to visit a loved one.

ICM chose the EnSky Series for its speed, reliability, and its management system. EnGenius’ ezMaster Network Management Software facilitates the deployment, monitoring, and management of any number of EnSky devices across geographically dispersed areas – whether it is one large property like Golden Hill or multiple properties in different locations. For MSPs like ICM, ezMaster also means flexibility and is deployed locally, remotely or via a cloud-based service.

“The management that the EnSky Series provides is amazing; it’s full functionality. We’re able to upload floor plans so in case an access point goes down we’re able to find that access point very easily and fix the problem – even remotely,” explained Weinraub. This robust tool is available for use with EnSky Series products and requires no AP licensing or annual subscription fees.

In addition to endorsing EnGenius hardware and software, ICM values EnGenius as a true business partner. “EnGenius is a real partner, from the pre-sales process of picking out the right equipment for a location, all the way through implementation. They’re always there to help us with any features and functionality, and with rolling it out. They’re a great partner, and they helped the installation go really well,” stated Weinraub.

Golden Hill is now bringing improved health care to their patients and more robust technology to all who visit the facility. Follow ICM’s lead – bring improved health and vigor to your Wi-Fi network.

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