WiFi 6 Network

American University of Sharjah - United Arab Emirates

EnSky: Non-profit university in the UAE equips new administrative office building with fast, reliable Wi-Fi.

Founded in 1997, the American University of Sharjah is known throughout the Middle East for its academic excellence and multicultural environment. Both the graduate and undergraduate student body is represented by an almost equal number of male and female students.

The campus sits on roughly 370 acres right next to the University of Sharjah College of Medicine and the Sharjah Police Academy.

EnGenius had already had great success installing extensive Wi-Fi networks for Manara Prep School and Al Shola American School, which are also in Sharjah—catching the attention of AUS administrators.

The Need

The Sharjah headquarters for American University needed Wi-Fi coverage for its newly built administrative offices, so they contacted an EnGenius system integrator for a consultation.

Specifically, they wanted a solution that came with management, configuration, and maintenance tools. They also wanted a solution that was future-proof—capable of handling any future expansion and increase in client devices.

The Solution

The system integrator used the ezWiFi planner to simulate and visualize the Wi-Fi network even before construction was completed. The latest EnGenius Wi-Fi 6, 4×4 11ax access point was selected due to its ability to accommodate more client devices once the administration staff moved into their offices—and support visitors and students conducted business in the building.

Below is a list of all equipment included in the AUS Wi-Fi package:

EWS377AP x 32 – 4×4 11ax wireless access points
EWS1200-28TFP x 20 – 24-port PoE switches (410W)
EWS7952FP x 6 – 48-port PoE switches (740W)
EWS7928P x 6 – 24-port PoE Switches (185W)

The Results

Due to the performance of the EWS377AP, fewer access points than normal were needed to provide full Wi-Fi coverage for the whole building. EWS377AP access points are specially made for high-capacity environments and are loaded with new hardware components, such as Qualcomm chipsets, to run more efficiently and consume less power.

The EWS377AP also uses WPA3 and WPA2-EAS security protocols to make connecting client and IoT devices easier and more secure. Overall, the centralized ezMaster controller provided a comprehensive solution to help manage both the Layer 2 switches and access points deployed.

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