6 Reasons You Should be Using ezMaster for Network Management

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Whether you’re using EnGenius Access Points as stand-alone devices or managing them through a local Switch with the built-in controller feature, you may be missing out on some big business benefits. EnGenius’ ezMaster Network Management Software made its debut just two short years ago as a Best of Interop award finalist. Since then, a growing number of managed service providers and network administrators at small to mid-size organizations are saying good-bye to their license and subscription fees and moving to ezMaster.

While ezMaster is full of valuable features that are sure to positively impact your bottom line, here are the top six reasons why you should be using ezMaster to manage your EnGenius network.

1. Resolve Network Issues Remotely
Without a doubt, one of the biggest benefits of ezMaster is the ability to access its management dashboard anywhere, anytime, from any Internet-enabled desktop or Android/iOS device. Along with flexible access, network admins can setup customizable email alerts based on predetermined events such as System or Device Status, SSL Certification, Wireless Client Info, and Device Management, Configuration and Firmware Upgrade.

Remote network management and alerts can improve your operational efficiencies, help maintain high customer satisfaction, and cut your truck-roll costs while freeing your staff to do other important things to grow your business.

2. Manage, Monitor & Troubleshoot One or Multiple Networks
Can a small team make a big impact with ezMaster? Yes it can. Midwest Internet Solutions (MIS) in Overland Park Kansas is a nationwide full-service MSP supporting some of the largest hotel chains in America. MIS deployed more than 950 EnSky APs and 60 Switches in over 300 customer locations while using ezMaster to monitor all deployed equipment 24/7 from their Network Operations Center in Overland Park.

Each separate network location is viewable as a “project” through ezMaster’s Web-based dashboard making it easy to manage one or multiple networks. Not only can MIS see when an AP or switch is down, they can also troubleshoot and reboot devices remotely in the event of issues. Device inventory lists are quickly accessed across multiple networks, and active and offline devices are visible from the at-a-glance dashboard. Utilizing ezMaster to manage multiple separate networks allows organizations like MIS to scale their operations with minimal staff and without added software costs.

3. Streamline Deployments & Software Upgrades
Alleviating the burden of deploying and upgrading multiple access points is reason alone to implement ezMaster. Once the access points are in place, ezMaster’s automated provisioning and intuitive configuration tools will help streamline your AP deployments like never before. Group access points easily within each network project and quickly configure or reconfigure grouped device settings based on a multitude of options. And with one click you can check for available firmware updates, then bulk select the APs you wish to roll out updates to without ever stepping foot onsite.

4. Gain Visibility Into Devices Across the Network
Visualization tools and statistics allow you to monitor the overall health of the network. Topology View is one visual that is handy for seeing the connection relationships between switches and APs on the network. You’ll instantly see what devices are online or busy. Topology View, like all of ezMaster’s Visualization tools, is interactive. You can drill right down to a specific switch to change its configurations or jump directly to the individual AP device configuration, reboot the AP or simply remove it.

Map View utilizes Google Map views and is useful for promptly locating APs that are deployed in larger, multi-site deployments. Upload a floor plan into Floor Plan View and, like Map View, you’ll see the AP’s vital stats including its name, MAC address, number of connected clients and status. The Map and Floor Plan are also interactive, allowing you to move to the device configuration page, remove or reboot the AP or click right into the active client stats page where you’ll see individual client device info and bandwidth use, and can kick or ban clients accordingly.

Statistics charts simplify visual analytics by giving you real-time and historical visibility of traffic flow for access points and connected clients. These graphs can instantly switch to show received and transmitted traffic sorted by ascending or descending order, whichever you prefer. You’ll also appreciate the quick-look mouse-over info available on each AP and client device in both of these charts. Interested in watching real-time throughput on APs? Drill down into individual APs to monitor this info over the course of two minutes.

5. Adaptable Hybrid Management Options
Another significant benefit of deploying ezMaster along with EnSky hardware is the system’s hybrid approach to network management. The hybrid model gives you the flexibility to deploy and manage the network in the way that best meets your needs. These options include:

       1. Manage an unlimited number of access points locally with ezMaster from an onsite server.
       2. Manage up to 50 APs per EnSky Switch, in the local network, through the switch’s built-in wireless controller.
       3. Manage multiple distributed networks from any location with ezMaster.

Since ezMaster is not a cloud-based software, you have control over where it resides. Set it up on your private server or utilize a third-party cloud service like Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure, the choice is yours.

Are you an MSP looking for a network management system to integrate into your existing service system? EnGenius will work with you to provide its ezMaster API for integration. Send an email to [email protected] if you’re interested in this option.

6. Offer Monetize Hotspot Services
Interested in adding another income stream? Right from ezMaster, you can provide your customers a way to meet the demands for guest WiFi access in their retail store, restaurant, hotel, shopping center or just about anywhere. You’ll have access to three different guest network options in the platform: guest WiFi, captive portal or monetized hotspot services that engage customers and collect visitor data.

Standard guest WiFi allows guests onto a separate SSID of the network and does not require them to stop at a splash page. The captive portal option is designed to act as an entry point to access the Internet and gives you the ability to create branded splash pages, select three types of authentication, enact terms of service and set the parameters of a walled garden.

Integrated into ezMaster’s Hotspot Service menu is a guest WiFi solution that offers branded welcome pages customer data collection and promotional and coupon creation through the Cloud4Wi service platform. This service presents a tiered approach for clients and supports new revenue streams, especially for MSPs.

Bonus: Say Good-Bye to Fees

If these six reasons aren’t enough to convince you, maybe this will: EnGenius makes this robust software available free with its access points, AND it does so without charging per AP license fees, firmware upgrade fees, subscription fees, tech support fees or any other type of fee.

How can we do this you ask? Simple. EnGenius knows it has to add the most value it can to its solutions, and it does so because not everyone wants to pay a premium for hardware or steep fees just to have reliable enterprise-class wireless, and they shouldn’t have to.

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