Case Studies: How EnGenius Products Can Help Your Business

EnGenius Case Studies

What are case studies and why should you care about them? A case study is an empirical inquiry that investigates a phenomenon within its real-life context, according to Wikipedia. Our EnGenius case studies investigate the “phenomenon” of how our telephony and Wi-Fi products solve problems for our small-to-midsize business customers in their real-life contexts.

These case studies share real-life deployments of EnGenius datacom and telecom products, and feature a wide range of product uses that you may not have considered before. If you’ve been thinking about deploying a new technology and wonder whether the product is right for you, our case studies offer examples of obstacles, solutions, and suggested products.

50+ EnGenius Case Studies Featuring Small-to-Midsize Businesses

The details of real-life deployments are laid out in more than 50 handy-dandy case studies. Some examples:

EnGenius Cloud is for SMBs and enterprises who need to manage their wireless networks easily and securely without servers.

EnSky Series provides high-speed Wi-Fi to support treatment, patients, and guests at nursing and rehabilitation centers.

DuraFon PRO connects staff members in a densely packed mid-rise building in Manhattan, providing reliable communication where all other methods failed.

A Case Study for Everyone

EnGenius case studies feature products from both our networking and telephony product lines – from indoor access points and switches to DuraFon SIP systems with ruggedized handsets. To see case studies focused on a particular product, sort by Product Category.

As for the industries the Case Studies cover, let’s just say the keyword is “variety.”

       • Schools
       • Private Estates
       • Manufacturers
       • Stable & Kennels
       • Retail Warehouse Environments
       • Ski Resort & Mountain Retreat Center

And these are just a few of the varied places our product has been deployed!

With over 15 different industry categories to choose from, you may find it helpful to sort by Vertical/Industry for quicker results. Otherwise, feel free to peruse our lineup of case studies to see which ones catch your eye. In fact, we suggest just looking around. You may discover a device/tool that solves a problem you hadn’t even identified yet!

Case Studies = Customer Service

We hope you enjoy both our current and upcoming case studies. Here at EnGenius, we strive to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of our customers. Our goal is to be your business’s ultimate resource for all things wireless communication, whether network or telephone-related.

Are You Ready to Collaborate?

Are you interested in partnering with us on a case study by sharing your story, via phone, with an EnGenius staff writer? Please contact us if you’re interested in sharing your “real-life context” with our community!

Ready? Set. Go!

Don’t delay — jump right into our pool of case studies today!

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