180W Open Frame Power Module

180W Open Frame Power Module


Open frame AC to DC power supply module is specialized for networking systems


Environmental & Physical

Operation Temp.
-10~50°C with fan

Working Humidity
5%~90% RH Non-Condensing

Storage Temp., Humidity
-40 ~ 80°C, 5~95% RH

ISTA-2A Standard

IEC 61000-4-5 4KV (L/N-PE) and 3KV (L-N)


Withstand Voltage
I/P-O/P: 3KVac, I/P-FG: 1.5KVac, -54V/12V: 1.5KVac

Isolation Resistance
20M ohm min, 500Vdc 1 min. at 25°C and 70% RH

140mm x 100mm x 36.6mm (Lx Wx H)

Input & Output Connectors

AC Input Connector CN1 (3961-03N2 DW)
2 Pin
- PIN 1: AC Input Line
- PIN 2: AC Input Neutral

12V Output Connector CN2 (W2501-S1041221 MOST WELL)
4 Pin
- PIN 1: 24V (Reserved)
- PIN 2: GND
- PIN 3: GND
- PIN 4: 12V

-54V Output Connector CN3 (W3962-S1041211-131 MOST WELL)
4 Pin
- PIN 1: -54Vrtn
- PIN 2: -54Vrtn
- PIN 3: -54V
- PIN 4: -54V

Product Highlights
High-efficiency universal AC input with a fully regulated output power supply play an essential role in allowing the EnGenius open frame AC/DC power supply series to deliver high efficiency and optimize no-load performance. Our power supplies come in an open frame format, which means they feature printed circuit boards (PCBs) with no enclosure. Instead, the equipment running the power supply has its own enclosure that will protect the PCB.
  • Efficiency: 90%~93% at 230Vac at full load
  • With active Power Factor Correction
  • Over Voltage Protection
  • Over Current Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Zero Current Switching technology to reduce power dissipation
  • MTBF > 200,000 hours at 25°C full load
  • Operation altitude: 5000 meters
  • Surge protection: 4KV(L/N-PE) and KV(L-N)
  • Can withstand 300Vac input voltage for 1 minute
  • PoE Isolation