Optimized for flexible outdoor wireless deployment

Outdoor Point-to-Point Application

EnJet provides a more consistently stable throughput than standard CSMA connections by ordering transmissions into different time slots

Outdoor Point-to-Multipoint Application

EnJet Solution features time-division to avoid the hidden node problem commonly found in multi-point transmissions

Long-Range Application

In long range deployments, EnJet ensures high throughput with high-gain antennas (EnStation5-AC/ EnStationAC), while traditional networks using the CSMA protocol suffer from exponentially increasing latency as distance and network size increases

360° Omnidirectional Coverage

EnJet featured access points (ENS500EXT-AC) support the use of external antennas to extend coverage to 120 degrees. For an omnidirectional network, install three ENS500EXT-AC with EnGenius sector antenna SA5219 to cover 360° outdoor point-to-multipoint deployments