Multi-Gigabit and Gigabit speeds Optimize Your Connectivity ​

IT Pros that need increased speed on the same cable for high-performing routers, workstations, NAS devices and APs can now be achieved. EnGenius now provides a selection of 2.5Gbps and 1Gbps Ethernet switches to keep up with the demands of new and faster devices.

Power Over Ethernet Makes the Deployment Highly Flexbile

EnGenius managed gigabit switches allow businesses to optimize the installation and power management of network devices, such as VoIP phones, Wi-Fi 6 APs, security cameras, and lighting. By providing 802.3bt/at/af PoE++ power and data on all ports, companies can regulate power budgets according to device requirements and remotely power cycle individual ports.

SFP/ SFP+ Slots Extend the Connection without Bottle Neck

EnGenius switches support different up-link fiber ports. The switch's 1 or 10 Gbps slot options connect wired network segments throughout buildings or across campuses extending beyond the limitations of Ethernet cabling.

Layer 2+ Switching Improves Network Speed and Performance

EnGenius' full-featured Layer 2+ gigabit switches can control the available bandwidth speed for devices, such as access points, at the port level. By providing the available speed needed in areas where bandwidth needs vary, such as conference rooms and lobbies, EnGenius switches provides faster overall network performance.

High Performance up to 10G Capacity

The Cloud-enabled Switch series provide 1G/2.5G/10G Gigabit port that can transmit and receive data traffic without any lost. Capable for future-proof devices such as Wi-Fi 6 access points, the switches support larger bandwidth for faster overall network performance.

  • High-Performance Gigabit & Dedicated SFP Slots

Maximum Power Supply with PoE++

By providing 802.3at/af/bt Power-over-Ethernet data on all ports, the PoE++ standard of EnGenius switches delivers up to 60W power to allow businesses to optimize the installation and meet the needs of new and emerging power hungry IoT devices.