EnViewer - Manage Your Surveillance

The EnViewer™ mobile app is a home monitoring application designed for EnGenius loT Gateway and Intelligent Routers to work together with EnGenius Intelligent IP-Cameras. View live videos on your smartphone as well as in and around your home or office. Manage events, motions and sound detection or schedule recordings from your smartphone.


Add a MeshCam

Connect a camera to your existing EnMesh network with the EnMesh App.

Simple Set-Up​

Pair your MeshCam with the EnViewer App to set up your camera in just a couple steps.

Live Monitoring

Select and tap the camera or camera groups to view live video streams.

Get Notified

Alert Notifications

Monitor activities no matter where you are.
Get instant alerts to motion or audio triggered events.


Get Snapshots & Recordings

Take instant snaps of live video and record events in progress or as schedule.

Set Motion or Audio Triggers

Auto-record motion in entryways or noises in or out of the camera's view.

Remote Control

Adjust recording alerts and turn on/off microphone settings remotely.


Store surveillance recordings to any ONVIF-compliant device, or use your own storage.You can store surveillance through the USB port on your Mesh Router with the EnFile App.