EnWiFi App - Quickly initiate a configuration

EnWiFi is a simple Wi-Fi configuration and management tool for EnGenius outdoor and indoor Wi-Fi devices. Users can configure devices on-site and monitor the installed or deployed devices on their smartphones or tablets.

EnWiFi App

Ideal Deployment

When initializing wireless access points, EnWiFi app enables site survey and offers single or group device configuration. Users can proceed with group configuration for multiple access points and change between Client Bridge, WDS AP, WDS Station, and Repeater modes easily.


Easy Management

EnWiFi lets you have complete control of Access Points. You can realize the RF information and real-­time throughput to make maximum PtP connecting performance or remove the device with a weak signal. It is easy to backup current settings as a stored configuration file to apply to other devices quickly.​

Real-time Monitoring

EnWiFi helps to monitor your wireless status anytime and anywhere. base on this information of real-time monitoring, you can adjust configuration or just click kick out to remove the device if the signal is weak

EnWiFi App Supported Products

Wireless Network Set-up and Management App for Indoor and Outdoor Devices